A Look Ahead

I have been in planning mode for our school year for 2016 -2017. I have plotted out our school days on a calendar. Yellow highlighted days are school days and red boxed days are holidays or birthdays. We don't have to track days in NC as the law states: "Operate the school on a regular schedule for at least nine calendar months, excluding reasonable holidays and vacations." The yellow highlighted days include book work and field trips. We also go on field trips on birthdays and holidays. The last two weeks in July are missions trips and camping trips for my older three. They wanted to start school before going on their trips.

Next, I have been writing out the daily lesson plans for my older three. For my boys, I use spiral notebooks to write out their lesson plans. They check off each subject as they finish it each day. I use My Student Logbook for my older daughter. She has enjoyed this planner since we reviewed it two years ago.

I have also started organizing all of their paperwork to do each day. They will only have to pull it out of the file each day to work on their lessons.

This is all just a start to help us get off to a great school year. It helps to be organized.

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