Random Five On Friday

1. On April 4, I started a sugar fast with a Facebook group. It was to be for 40 days, but I have extended it to 60. I have learned so much and feel so much better. I use honey as a sweetener when I need to. And I have lost 17 lbs. I am not going back to my old ways when the fast is up, but I will watch what I eat and not go back to sugary foods for comfort.

2. It has been cool for NC for May. I am not complaining, but I would like to see more sun and some warmer temperatures.

3. I have some great reviews coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

4. Our neighbors cat had kittens in our garage (no door on the garage) and the kids are having fun with them.

5. We have decided to start out new school year on July 5th. My kids like starting when it is super hot and getting done in mid April when it is still cooler, so they can play outside.

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