Essential Skills Advantage ~ Review

Over the past month and a half, my 5 year old daughter has had the chance to review the Complete Home Learning Suite from Essential Skills Advantage.

What is Essential Skills Advantage or ESA?
 ESA is an online curriculum for children ages 5-12 (K-6th grade). It is a self paced online learning tool that is fun and engaging. It is a supplemental program for children that need some extra practice. There are thousands of activities for children in the following subjects:
Math (K-6th)
Reading (K-6th)
Language and Grammar (K-6th)
Science (K-3rd)
Geography (4th-6th)
Purchasing a subscriptions allows you access to all grade levels. You are able to mix and match to your child's needs.

What is the Complete Home Learning Suite?
It's exactly as it sounds. You have access to all subjects in all grade levels. You are also able to keep track of your child's progress. And your child has access to a lot of fun!

How did we use ESA?
I used this program with my newly turned 5 year old (March 2). She will be starting kindergarten this fall. She did some K4 things this past year, but I felt she could use some practice in a few areas, specifically reading, to help prepare her for K5 this fall. She will be home-schooled using a box curriculum that I have used with my older three children. So, how did we use ESA? I set up her account and had her "play" (her word) at least three times a week. She always wanted to do more and I let her.  Although I had her working on the reading portion of the curriculum, I did let her try out the other subjects to see how they were and how I could use them with her. She worked through the reading portion starting at the very beginning and has been working through each segment. She also worked though some of the math and a section on Earth and Space science. She liked the reading part the best, so that is what we mainly reviewed.

What we thought of ESA:
As you can see from the short video posted below, she had a lot of fun "playing" on the computer. Since, she has not used a computer yet, I did have to help her in the beginning with using the mouse. She is used to using a tablet and we did load it up on the tablet (Kindle Fire) one day, but the screen is too small and she didn't know how to scroll to get to the next section. I had heard of ESA, but did not know much about it. I am glad to have been able to review the program with my daughter. It has helped her so much, not only with reading or math, but also with computer skills. I allowed her to get on the computer by herself which is a big milestone. The program has also helped her with her phonics, letters, numbers, and listening skills. She has had so much fun and I will have her complete the kindergarten portion over the next year as a supplement to our main curriculum.

Screen shot from Kindle fire

Essential Skills Advantage Review

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