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My youngest is just starting her kindergarten year . She needs some practice with writing manuscript and Patriotic Penmanship, Kindergarten (manuscript) from Laurelwood Books has been a great summer project for her. She already loves school and she needed something during our time off to keep her occupied.

The Patriotic Penmanship is a complete series of books that are available for kindergarten all the way through high school. It starts out with writing manuscript in the lower grades and eventually transitions over to cursive in the upper elementary grades. There is a transition book available to help your child transition from manuscript to cursive.

Laurelwood Books offers new and used curriculum on their site. They also offer many workbooks and readers written by Mary Ellen Tedrow. The Schoolhouse Crew was able to review her books ranging from penmanship to Latin to  state facts.

There are many things I liked about this penmanship book which I will list below:

~ There are twenty four lessons. Each lesson is designed to be covered over one weeks time. You are able to use this by itself for one school year. I think it can also be used as a supplement with another writing program. This is what I will start doing now that we have started back to regular school lessons. There are actually no lesson numbers, so the child can do as little or as much as they (or you) want.

~ This book starts by introducing the vowels before the consonants. Since other programs also introduce letters this way, it helps the child especially if you are using this book as a supplement. It does introduce the consonants in alphabetical order. Since I am using this as a supplement and my daughters curriculum does not introduce the consonants in ABC order, I can just skip to the letter we are working on that week. This book has a lot of flexibility which I really like.

~ As the consonants are introduced, it also has the child write the blend (consonant, vowel) before moving onto writing full words.

~ There are mostly short vowel words in the book for the child to copy. My daughter is not reading yet, but writing the short words has not been a problem.

~ Each letter or blend has a full row of tracing and a full row of writing their own. The words are only traced once and written once. I like that the words are only traced once and written once, because, from experience, the child can get frustrated with having to trace and write the words multiple times. (Or is that only my children?)

~ There are also Bible verses throughout the lessons.

During the review period, since we were not using our regular school curriculum, I had my daughter work on this book about three times each week. There were some days that she would only finish 1 row and other days where she would do 3 or 4 rows. She and I both liked this book. It's not colorful like other books, but it didn't matter to my daughter. I actually think it helped her to focus better without all of the colors. We will continue using this book and possibly others in the series over the years.

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}

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  1. We also enjoyed the simplicity of this penmanship workbook. I'm glad there were no colorful pictures to distract my son!




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