Foreign Languages For Kids By Kids ~ Review

My youngest son, who just started 8th grade, has been asking me for a while if he could learn Spanish. I had been looking at different curriculum trying to find a good one for a middle school aged child. The opportunity came up to review the Starter Set 1 from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids. I had planned to use this for my 8th grade son as an introductory Spanish curriculum before he starts high school next year. But, all of my kids (ages 5, 10, 13, and 14) have really enjoyed this curriculum and they have learned something.

What is Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids?
Kit Strauss, who was having a difficult time finding a good, quality foreign language program for her three sons, created the program. The program was created as a fun and easy way to learn Spanish. This program is designed for children as young as three all the way up to adults.

What is included in Starter Set 1?
The starter set comes with everything you need to get started on your journey to learning Spanish. The set includes the following;

  • DVD with videos for levels 1-3
  • Three parent - teacher guides (gives a detailed lesson plan, with a suggested viewing schedule, and a variety of fun activities to do - supplemental and hands on activities to choose from)
  • Flash cards and game cards for each level
  • Student workbooks for levels 1-3 (contains activities, culture facts, and answer key)
  • Stickers for levels 1-3
How we used Starter Set 1:
We are working through each level in order. The first level, Basketballs aren't for Breakfast, was fairly easy for my son and he learned many Spanish words in this level. He has started the next level, The Little Magic House, but it has been a little bit harder (as expected) and he has taken a slower approach with the level. Since he is in 8th grade, I've given  him the choice of how fast or slow he wants to work through each level. He has chosen to go slower through level 2 and has even re-done some of the lessons. We have been going through the the workbooks orally after watching the appropriate video. Doing the workbook orally has helped to be able to go through the lesson again and re-do the workbook pages. We spend around 20-30 minutes each day going through the lessons.

What we thought of Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids:
We have all enjoyed it very much. I though my 8th grade son might think it was childish, but he has enjoyed it very much. He will just start talking in Spanish phrases at random times. I know he has been able to learn so much and will be ready to start high school Spanish next year. My other children also love watching the videos and my 5 year old has picked up on many Spanish words. She will also start saying Spanish phrases at random times. They love watching and interacting with the kids on the videos. We definitely give this program 5 stars!

Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

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