Menu Plan Monday

I found many stores having meat sales this week, so I was able to stock up my freezer and hopefully have enough meat for 3-4 weeks. After shopping the sales, I then, for the first time, decided to brown 3 lbs of the 6 lbs of ground beef I bought. I'm planning to use it for spaghetti sauce and tacos.

After shopping, I was able to come up with some meals for the week. I'd also like to incorporate one meatless meal each week.

In no particular order:

~ BBQ Chicken
~ Cube steak and gravy
~ Hamburgers
~ Bean burritos
~ BLT's
~ Pork tenderloin

I also have a turkey in the freezer I would like to thaw and cook up so I can have more room in my freezer. It is suppose to be cooler this week, so I may try to cook that up with some sides.

And we always have a leftover day so there is no wasting food.

Click the image above for more menus.

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