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I sometimes like to supplement our work with printables during the year. For the last several weeks, I have been using some worksheets from the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from HelpTeaching.com.

I used the website with my kindergarten daughter, but there are lessons, worksheets, and more for up to grade 12. There are several sections/parts to the website that are helpful for any age.

There are many sections on the website that I will give an overview on. The first section is the tests and worksheets section. This is where you will find worksheets on English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Seasonal and Holiday, Early Education, Arts and Music, Study Skills and Strategies, Graphic Organizer, and Physical Education. Since I was using this with my K5'er, there were some sections that did not have any worksheets for her age group. I did use many of the printables from the math and early education section. And as the holidays get closer, I will be using some of the worksheets from the holidays section as well.

The next section is the lessons section. There are several new lessons in this section for pre-k and K. Each letter of the alphabet is available as a lesson where they watch a short video that lists the sound of the letter and several words that start with that letter. After they watch the video, the child can then answer some questions about the letter (online). Some other lessons for the pre-k and k level, are sight words and other vocabulary words. Some of the lessons also have printable worksheets that accompany them for the child to work on after the lesson.

Another part of the lessons section that we liked is the read alouds. There are several books that are read aloud via a video and also have a printable worksheet that accompanies the read alouds.

There is also a games section where you can go in and make up a printable game worksheet. They have a bingo generator, word search generator, and words bingo card generator. You are able to put in any value you would like for your game.

The last section on HelpTeaching.com is the test section. There are three options given to you and they are as follows:

  1. Create a test: with a Help Teaching Pro Subscription you are able to have up to 100 questions on the test
  2. Use the library to find questions
  3. Create a quick test: type in a keyword and it will generate some questions
Lastly, there is also an option to have the child take an online test. With the pro subscription, you have unlimited access to online tests and quizzes.

What we thought of HelpTeaching.com:
At first it was hard for me to find worksheets for my daughter to work on, but when I started digging through all of the content I was able to find several for her. She needs help with her numbers, so math was my main focus during the review period. As new seasons and holidays approach, I will begin using several of the worksheets in that category. Another part that we enjoyed that I mentioned above, is the read aloud section. There are a few short books at the kindergarten level to choose from that also have worksheets to go along with the story. Overall, we have enjoyed using the worksheet and lesson parts of HelpTeaching.com. It is a great way to supplement.

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {HelpTeaching.com}

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