Ultimate Phonics Reading Program ~ Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program from Spencer Learning for my kindergarten daughter.

Ultimate Phonics is a complete no frills program that helps people of any age with learning to read or to become better readers. This program comes with 262 lessons that start with the basic letter sounds and moves through with introductions of special sounds and sight words. The program introduces over 4,000 words and over 2,000 sentences. The program also introduces apostrophes and word endings. With each lesson, you are able to choose from six page types that are organized into four parts which are as follows: Idea/Pattern page, Word List page, Words page, and Sentence page. Each lesson will focus on a specific letter pattern and sound combination and every lesson builds on the previous lesson.

Ultimate phonics is designed to be easy to use for any age. It can be used as a stand alone phonics program or as a supplement. To get the best results from ultimate phonics, it is best to do the lessons in order if using as a stand alone phonics. When using as a supplement, it is okay to skip around to different lessons. Each lesson is fairly short and does not take much time to complete each day.

Each lesson is easy to navigate by using the green arrow to go through each page of the lesson. The bottom left tells the student what page they are on and how many pages total there are in a lesson. To find a certain lesson just click on the word find at the top and type in what you are looking for. This program is easy enough for even a five year old to use.

I have been using another phonics program with my kindergarten daughter and I tried to use this as a supplement with her. Our main phonics program (we are only about 50 lessons in) moves quite a bit slower than this program and she was not ready to use both of the programs. She would get confused when we went over the main program and then try to use this program also. Our main phonics program has not yet introduced the special sounds yet and I think that is what confused her. I feel that if she had already completed kindergarten this would be a great program for her to use. When we do get to the special sounds in her main phonics, I will be using this more with her to see if it helps her any. She also did not like how plain it was. She told me it was boring. I think for some children the no frills, no cartoon type pictures would help them to better focus. Overall, I feel this program would work as a main phonics for the kindergarten age and as supplement for 1st grade and above. Since I had already started another phonics program, I didn't want her to get confused, so she worked on many of the beginning lessons several times. I'm looking forward to when we start introducing the special sounds in our phonics program to see how Ultimate Phonics will help her as she progresses in her reading throughout her kindergarten year.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}

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