Five Minute Friday ~ Park

When I hear the word park, my mind automatically thinks about a playground park. We like to visit the park during the school year when there are less kids at the park. Sometimes, we are the only ones at the park. This past week, we went to the park and since schools have been out from the flood, there were a lot of kids at the park. I am not around (public) school age kids a lot and the way some of them acted surprised me. There were older kids picking on and intentionally hurting younger kids. But, there were also kids that were nice and friendly to other kids. I have tried to teach my children to be nice to others and to include everyone when playing.

Another park we like to visit are state parks. We like to hike during the fall when the temperatures are cooler and the mosquitoes have gone away. I also like to visit them in fall when the leaves have changed from green to beautiful colors.


  1. Hello! I am visiting from the link! I remember taking my kids and grandkids to the park. They are all too big for that now. But you brought back some good memories for me. It has always been like that with kids. Some are good and kind. And some are just mean bullies. I wish it could be any other way. But it's not! Enjoyed reading your post!!

  2. ah it's hard when you see kids acting not very nice. Hard to know how to address it at times eh?

  3. Hey, I can comment this week!

    Parks can certainly bring out the best or worst. We also enjoy spending time at the park when it is cooler but not yet too cold.




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