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Carole P. Roman Book Review
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There are two things that I really love and those two things are American History and books. So, I was excited when the opportunity came up to review books on American History. Also, my 8th grade son is studying U.S. History this year, so I knew these would be great books for him to read. This review of If You Were Me and Lived In...The American West (Volume 7) and If You Were Me and Lived In...Colonial America (An Introduction to Civilizations Throughout Time) (Volume 4) is brought to you by Carole P. Roman and Awaywegomedia.com. They also generously included If You Were Me and Lived In...Ancient China: The Han Dynasty and If You Were Me and Lived In...Viking Europe.

About Carole P. Roman:
Carole is the author of several children's books which includes the Captain No Beard Series, If You Were Me and Lived In...Country Series, If You Were Me and Lived In...Ancient Time Series, and several more books. She began her writing as a dare from her son. As a former teacher, she combines her teaching and her love of exploration and interest in the world around us in her books.

If You Were Me and Lived In...The American West is a story that takes place in 1843 of a journey on the Oregon Trail. The book is written as if a twelve year old child were telling the story.  The story tells about the difficult journey West and how little supplies your mother had packed. The book also lists several Indian tribes you would have met along the way. Your family made it and your father built a house and in the spring you planted the fields. And the books also tells about one room schoolhouses and small towns in the West. The illustrations (by Paula Tabor) in the book are also great. They help bring the story to life. The story is forty-two pages long with the words on the left side and pictures on the right. This book is a fairly easy read for children and also lists some famous people from the American West and has a glossary of words.

If You Were Me and Lived In...Colonial America is the story of what it would have been like to come over to America on the Mayflower. The story gives some history prior to 1620 about life in England. This story tells about the hard winter the Pilgrims faced when they got to Plymouth. It tells how they overcame that and was prosperous the following year. It also mentions the Indian tribe that helped the Pilgrims. The book also describes how the children lived in Plymouth by helping with the farming and being taught at home. This book is 52 pages long and is full of information. There are also two pages at the end that lists some famous people and also a glossary. The illustrations (by Sarah Wright) were well done also.

I had my son who is studying U.S. History read through these books. He enjoyed reading through them, even though he is 13 years old. He learned a few things that he did not know. Since my other kids like books, my 6th grade daughter read through these books and my 5 year old enjoyed looking through the pictures. These books have a lot of fun facts and are an easy read. They make learning history more fun.

We also received If You Were Me and Lived In...Ancient China and If You Were Me and Lived In...Viking Europe, but we did not use those at this time. They are quite a bit longer (68 pages) and go more in depth about the time period. I will use these with my children when they are learning ancient history. I read through them and they have a lot of information that is very useful.

Overall, we all love these books by Carole P. Roman. We have reviewed several of her other books and they have all been great. Click here for another review .We love them!

If You Were Me and Lived in ... {by Carole P. Roman and Awaywegomedia.com}

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