Test ~ Five Minute Friday

Today, I think I am going to try something new. I've seen many posts about five minute Friday, but was never sure how to start. Yes, I know the directions are to just write for five minutes, but I kept thinking that I couldn't do it. Well, now I am going  to give it a try. The prompt for this week is test.


There are several things that come to mind when I think about the word test. There are tests in school. Sometimes God will put us through different tests and trials to draw us closer to him. But, the one test that has been on my mind the past few weeks is the driving test. My 14 year old started his drivers ed last month and has just completed his 30 hours of classroom instruction., He will now have to do 6 hours on the road instruction in order to pass drivers ed. When he has completed all of the instruction, he then (around his 15th birthday) will get to go to the DMV and (hopefully) pass a written and driving test in order to have a learner's permit. While I am still not ready for him to drive, I am praying that he passes the test on the first try. He has all the instruction and knowledge he needs to pass the test, so he should be able to ace it. Just as when we are going through tests of our own, God has given us all the instruction and knowledge (Bible) we need to get through the test.

And stop.

Well, I made it and it was fun. Be sure to visit Kate's blog- five minute friday to read more blog posts about tests.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Good job, I really like how you pulled that all together with we have the tools to pass the tests of life if we use them... God's word.

  2. Parents are also tested when their kids get their driver's license - a test of trust ;) Good analogy. Glad you joined in with #fmf. We're neighbors today.

  3. Welcome to FMF! Blessings to you and your son as he achieves this milestone.

  4. Good luck to your son! Mine has taken driver's ed, but still hasn't taken the driving portion of the test for his license.




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