Five Minute Friday ~ Common

When I saw the word for this week over at the five minute Friday blog, I had no idea what I was going to write and I still don't, but here goes.

My mother-in-law died on Monday. We spent the week dealing with all of the emotions that come with a death. On Thursday, we celebrated her life. Friends and family members came through the line to tell us how sorry they were for our loss. There were some people that I didn't know that came through the line, but we had something in common. We both had suffered a loss. This loss was very unexpected and came sooner than we thought. Over the course of the holidays, my family and I will remember the times we had with her and laugh and cry at the memories. I also have something in common with my mother-in-law. We both lost our first child, hers through a stillbirth and mine through a miscarriage. Our children have never been on this earth. They have lived in Heaven. And now my mother-in-law has been reunited with her son and has met my child. And someday I will have that in common with her. I so look forward to that day that I will be there with them.


  1. Rebecca, sorry for your loss. You are right though...for those who love the Lord we do have heaven in common.

  2. I remember sitting a the funeral for a friend's mother and realizing how universal loss is. We maybe grieve in different ways, but the very sensation of loss is something all humans hold in common. The very visceral experience of bereavement is something we should always be able to bond over.

  3. I am sorry for the loss but thankful you had family and friends around you sharing in that common loss, giving support in your grief. Prayers for your family as you step forward in this life with her memory traveling alongside. - Lori




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