Five Minute Friday ~ Enjoy

It's time once again for the five minute Friday word.

Enjoy. There are many things I enjoy. For instance, I enjoy these five minute Friday posts. They are enjoyable to write and also to read what others write. I also enjoy many things in life, like eating. Yes, I am not going to lie, I love to eat. I enjoy seeing the looks on my children's faces as they learn something new. I am happy that I am the one to be able to teach them. I enjoy having my children around. Sometimes, I do need to get away and have a break though. I enjoy when the weather changes. My favorite seasons that I enjoy are fall and spring. In the fall, the leaves change color. In the spring, new leaves appear. I also enjoy watching movies. We have so many in our collection, but I can re-watch a lot of them several times. It makes me happy. I enjoy going to my church on Sunday and Wednesday. I love the fellowship. I enjoy the sermons. Enjoy the little things.


  1. When we stop to think of the many things we enjoy, we come to realize how blessed we truly are. Thank you for stopping by my post this morning. May you have a most blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. So much to enjoy when we start that list, isn't there? I enjoyed reading your list. :) - Lori

  3. So many things to enjoy.... Your list was a good one

  4. God has been good to us, giving us so many things to enjoy.




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