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Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims Micro Study

I love history and I try to help my children have a love for learning about our land. Over the past three weeks, we have been using the Once- a- Week Micro-Study Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims from Homeschool Legacy to learn more about Thanksgiving.

What is Homeschool Legacy? 
Homeschool Legacy is a company that produces once-a-week studies and micro-studies. Their goal is to instill a love of learning in your children. The once-a-week studies are written particularly for all homeschool families, but they also help children who are in different programs to earn merit badges. The once-a-week studies were created to help families bring glory to God. The Gibson family started this business after researching the many different ways to homeschool. They felt that the best choice was a unit study to give families a break from the textbook.

What is a micro-study?
Some of the differences between a unit study and a micro study are listed below:

  • A micro-study only has you reading from one classic or read aloud during the study
  • They are still designed to be used one day a week over a period of time, but they can also be completed in a week if you choose
  • They are digital products with educational links throughout the study
  • Micro-studies are designed for children in grades 1-8
  • They do not include weekly library lists

What is Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims micro-study?
The Thanksgiving micro-study is a six week study of Thanksgiving. Over the course of the six weeks, you and your children learn many things about the Pilgrims, the Constitution, the Mayflower Compact, Plymouth, and the Puritans. The micro-study is designed to be used 30 minutes for three days a week. There are a few books listed (or you can use your own) and there are also some recipes to make. There is also several helpful links to click on throughout the study to learn how the pilgrims talked, learn about your First Amendment rights, take a virtual tour of the Mayflower, and a link to slow cooker Indian pudding.

How we used the Thanksgiving micro-study:
Since we already had a couple of books about Thanksgiving, we used our own instead of the ones listed. (The one pictured above is one of the books we used.) We have gone through three weeks of the study. I am using it with all four of my children (grades K, 6th, 8th, and 9th). So, my choice of books were a little young for my older two, but they still listened to me read the book. My older children did most of the work while my K-5er helped with the easier stuff and listened to the history parts. I was hoping to make it to week four before I had to write our review so we could make the Indian pudding recipe. (I will try to come back and update after we make the pudding early next week).

What we thought:
My children liked being able to take a break from their textbook history to study about Thanksgiving. They learned some things that they did not learn from their textbook about the Pilgrims. They are looking forward to making the pudding and finishing out the study the week before Thanksgiving. Week six of this study is about Christmas and I would like to continue our study by purchasing the once-a-week unit study Christmas Comes To America.

You can see a sample week of the Thanksgiving study (and actually any of their studies).

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