K is for Knowledge

K is for Knowledge

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and came across a post on the Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore page. It was a post that mentioned that Beth was going to make it her goal to memorize the book of Galatians next year. At first, I just scrolled by, but then God kept whispering to me that I should go back to that post and read it and watch the video. So, I did and have committed to memorize the whole book of Galatians in 2018.

I haven’t memorized any verses since I was in Bible college, so I’m not sure how this will go, but like Beth says, failure isn’t in play here. We need to meditate on what we are memorizing and draw closer to God.

I figured I will have to memorize approximately three verses a week to get to my goal by the end of next year. It seems very doable and I will end the next year with a lot more knowledge of God. I think knowledge will also be my word for 2018. I am committed to memorizing all five chapters of Galatians in twelve months.

If you would like to also try to memorize Galatians, Beth Moore has created a special Facebook page for updates and encouragement.  Let me know if are joining in on this challenge. The one thing I am most looking forward to is reading and meditating on each verse as I commit it to memory.

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J is for Journey

J is for Journey

Here is a little story of how I imagine Mary felt when she had to travel right before she was to deliver Jesus.

Mary was working in the house and she was nine months pregnant. She was about to deliver her baby any day now. She was excited, but she was also nervous. As she was cleaning, her mind kept wandering to the “what ifs?” What if I am not a good mother? What if I am at the market or someplace and I lose track of my child? What if I just can’t do it?

While she was pondering on these things, Joseph came running into the house.

“Mary, we are going on a journey.”

“Now? I am about to have the baby. I can’t go on a journey.”

“We must. It is a decree.”

“But Joseph…”

“Mary, make a list and be sure to pack all of the essentials. Ask your mother what will be needed for the birth and carry that with you. But remember, we don’t have much room to carry a lot, so it will just have to be a small suitcase.”

“Joseph, I don’t know if I can do that. I will talk to my mother and I will try to only pack the essentials.’

Several hours later after talking with her family and packing very light, Mary and Joseph were on their way. Her mother told her not to fret that first-born babies were usually late and she would probably have time to make it back home for the birth.

“Mary, do you need to rest? We’ve been walking for several hours.”

“Yes, I need to rest for just a little time Joseph. I want to make sure we make it to Bethlehem in time for the census so I won’t rest long.”

“We are almost there. You will have good nights rest in just a couple of more hours.”

Mary to herself: “I cannot believe that I am about to deliver and I have traveled for several days all the way to Bethlehem. I miss my family and cannot wait to see them next week. I hope I can make it home for the birth.”

Mary and Joseph made it to Bethlehem, but there was one problem. Mary could not believe what Joseph was telling her. She couldn’t believe that after their almost week-long journey that there was no place where she could rest. And what were those pains she was feeling? Should she tell Joseph that this journey may have hurt her?

“Joseph, I am in pain.”

“What? Where? What is happening?”

“I don’t know, but the pain is getting stronger. I need to lay down someplace.”

“Okay, there is one more place I can check.”

“Mary, he said they were out of rooms, but when I explained you were very pregnant and in pain, he was kind enough to let us rest in his stable.”

“A stable! With the animals!”

Mary, please it is all I can find.”

“Okay, we need to hurry and get in there. I think the baby is coming NOW!”

After several hours had passed Joseph delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  Mary was so proud of him. He was able to complete the task without questions. A few hours later some shepherds showed up at the stable and told Joseph and Mary that they had heard about their journey from the angels.

They said they had told anyone and everyone the good news on their journey to the stable to see the newborn King.

While the stable was a commotion of shepherds and people who had heard the news, Mary kept quiet and knew she was going to be the best mother she could be to this little baby boy.

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Weekly Highlights

Homeschool Week

This week we wrapped up our first semester of school. My boys, 9th and 10th grades, did great on their exams and have averages of 95 or higher in all of their subjects.

IMG_20171214_134552My oldest son is taking Apologia’s Advanced Biology and this week was the first dissection lab for the course. He had to dissect a cow eye. My younger son who is taking biology helped my older son. They both learned so much and had a good time. They were confused with the directions that Apologia provided, but I was able to find better directions with pictures from the Home Science Tools website where I ordered the lab kit.

In the next few modules, he will also dissect a sheep heart and a fetal pig.

We are still going to do school work until next Friday before taking a two week break.

25395781_10154817730780683_4571085982468998116_nMy girls are doing great with all of their school work and are looking forward to taking some time off. We will probably take a couple of field trips during our break. We have a year membership to the aquarium and we love going there every couple of months.

A new playground opened up near where we live and my youngest daughter wants to check it out.

Not much is happening around here right now, just working our way to having a break. Have a great week before Christmas!

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I is for In Review

I is for In Review

I can’t believe in less than 3 weeks that this year will be over and it will be 2018.

Here are my top posts for each month for this year. Click on the pictures to see the post.


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Magic Stix Washable Markers

Magic StixThe Pencil Grip, Inc. has a new product that would make a great Christmas present for those artists in your family.

Having reviewed their paint sticks in the past, I was curious about the new markers.

Magic Stix come in a nice plastic container. They are odorless, washable, and non-toxic. They also will not dry out even with the cap off for 7 days. They guarantee that they will not dry out for a whole week if left with the cap off! That is a great guarantee when you have little ones that may leave the cover off or not put the cover back on tight.

Magic Stix markers come in a 12 pack or a 24 pack and are available to purchase on Amazon at the links below.

Magic Stix 12 pack (Just a note- while I was writing the post the price went from $9.99 to $9.95, but as usual with Amazon the price can fluctuate)

Magic Stix 24 pack (Price is $19.99)

I tested the markers out a little bit to see how they work and they work great. The colors are bright and bold! My girls are going to love using these  markers in their new coloring book (I am giving the markers and coloring book to them for Christmas).


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of Magic Stix for the purpose of writing a promotional post.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC regulations.


Menu Plan Monday ~ 12/11/17

I actually have a menu planned for this week. It's been a while, but I needed to get something planned for this week so I wouldn't have to stress about it.

Monday ~ Parmesan Chicken

Tuesday ~ Homemade Lasagna, salad, garlic bread

Wednesday ~ Out (Older kids are going caroling and having a Christmas party at church, youngest and me will get something out after we drop them off and before church starts for us)

Thursday ~ Veggie beef soup

Friday ~ One pan chicken, green beans, and potatoes

Saturday ~ Tacos

Sunday ~ ?? (probably out since husband usually has to be work right after church)

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H is for Holiday Cookies

H is for Holiday Cookies

It’s that time of the year again! Time to make a list and gather all the ingredients. My kids love making cookies with me each Christmas season. We usually make peanut butter cookies with the kiss on top and some sugar cookies.

As they get older, I try to find different recipes that they haven’t tried before and I think they would like. For instance, when I was growing up, my mom always went to a cookie swap each year and brought home some of the best cookies. I have good memories of some of those cookies, so I have been trying to find the recipes for the cookies that I remember.

One of the cookies I made with my mom while I was growing up is a chocolate chip cookie with a kiss hidden inside. I recently found the recipe and decided to try making these with my daughters.

We had fun and even though ours look nothing like the picture, they are still delicious. And the most important thing is that we made memories.


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Angel on Assignment Book Review

Angel on Assignment Book Review

*This post contains an affiliate link*

Angel on Assignment, written by Wanda Roush and beautifully illustrated by Mike Motz, is an elf alternative book.

Angel on Assignment is a Christmas story that tells us how angels delivered the good news of Jesus’ birth. Even though the first Christmas was a long time ago, there are still angels around us and with us today.

The story begins with an angel visiting Mary. Then we see the angel visit Joseph. When Jesus is born the angels give the good news to the shepherds. As the story goes on it tells us how angels help us today. “Angels do much more than just sit on a shelf.” They help keep us out of harm’s way and guard and protect us from dangerous situations. They may even come in the form of a friend at the playground who will help us if we fall. Angels appear whenever there is a need. The story also tells us how we can help others and how we can be an “angel” to those around us.

My six year old enjoyed having this book read to her. She loves going to church and learning about Jesus and she loved this book that told us about the angels that have been around for many years. She also loved the pictures in the book. She loved that there were instructions in the book for making our own angel. I loved that this book was about something that really did happen. We don’t do the elf in our house so this was a great book for us to read. I loved the beautiful illustrations in the book that went perfectly with the story. We would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for ways to show their children there is more to Christmas than just an elf that sits on a shelf. This book helps us to see that angels do more than just that.

Be sure to get your copy of Angel on Assignment today!


IMG_20171201_083738Here is our simple angel using items from around the house.We used two toilet paper rolls and taped them together for the body. I found an angel wing template to use for the wings. We painted the wings with our gold color from our thin stix set. For the head, we just crumpled some foil into a ball until it was the right size to fit on top of the body. Lastly, we added a golden halo to our angel. We haven’t come up with a name yet for our angel, but we are thinking about some names.

Disclosure of Material: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the BookCrash.com book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s CFR Title 16, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


G is for Games

G is for Games

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We like to play a lot of different games with each other every once in a whiel (well, almost every day). Some of our latest favorite games are listed below.

homeschoolopoly1. Homeschoolopoly ~ This game is like Monopoly, but uses real homeschool companies to purchase like Rainbow Resource Center, World Magazine, and Write Shop. The kids love playing this game and even the 6 year old can play along. Note: This game is no longer in production.

2. Tenzi: I stumbled on this game last year while browsing Amazon. This is a fun, fast paced game. The basic way to play is everyone gets ten dice and starts rolling them at the same time. Quickly look at your roll and decide which number you are going to go for. (For example, if you have more 3's than any other number, that's what you want to go for.) Put all your dice with that number aside,collect the remaining dice and quickly roll again. Whoever gets all ten of their dice on the same number first yells out “tenzi” and wins. I also saw this Tenzi card pack and bought it so we could have more ways to play.

3. Spoons: My kids play this card game with just a pack of cards and some plastic spoons or straws or whatever we have available. We don’t have the official game, but they know how to play and play it while watching television at night.

4. Go Fish: My six year old likes to play this easy card game and gets her brothers and sister to play wit her every once in a while.

5. A few others we play, but not on a regular basis are Sorry, Life, and Battleship.

I love when they pull out a game to play and actually play the game and get along while playing. It also nice to enjoy each other’s company and sit down at the table at night and play a game instead of being on electronics or watching television. I am sure many more can be added t this list but these are the games we play the most.

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