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I've decided to join in with some of my fellow Homeschool Review Crew members in a round of blogging through the alphabet. Annette and Amanda will be our hosts.

I have not actually decided what I will be blogging about, it will probably just be a random word that comes to my mind during the week. Or, I may blog about people in the Bible. I'm not quite sure yet. I have in the past done my favorite Bible verses and just random things.

The posts start next Tuesday. Be sure to come back and see what the other crew mates are writing about.

A ~ Abigail & Abraham
B ~ Bathsheba & Boaz
C ~ Claudia and Caleb
D ~ Deborah and Daniel
E ~ Elisabeth and Eli
F ~ Female at the Well and Felix
G ~ Gomer and Gideon
H ~ Hadassah and Hezekiah
I ~ Iscah and Isaiah
J ~Jochabed and Josiah
K ~ Kezia/Keren-happuch and Korah
L ~ Leah and Lazarus
M ~ Martha and Malachi
N ~ Naomi and Nicodemus
O ~ Orpah and Obadiah
P ~ Priscilla and Philip
Q ~ Queen Jezebel and Quartus
R ~ Rebekah and Rehoboam
S ~ Sarah and Samson
T ~ Tabitha and Titus
U ~ Unique Unnamed Women and Uriah
V, W, X ~ Vashti, Vajezatha, and Xerxes
Y ~ Young Maid of Israel and Young Lad who had a Lunch
Z ~ Zipporah and Zacchaeus

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    I'm also doing the blogging through the alphabet with a theme of Bible verses.




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