Five Minute Friday ~ Connect

Last year, I was introduced to five minute Friday writing prompts hosted on the blog Heading Home. The rules are simple, just write for 5 minutes on the word prompt. The first word prompt for this year is connect.

When I think about the word connect, I think about connecting to the internet. I grew up during the dial-up time of the internet. It was difficult having to wait to connect and sometimes it just wouldn't connect at all. Then, I would get connected only to have my mother tell me to get off the internet because she needed to call someone. If only our children (or grandchildren if you have them) knew how difficult it was to get connected to the internet. Wow! They would be shocked to not have that instant connection.

There is one connection that has always been instant and will always be instant until God returns to bring us to His home with him. How do we keep an instant connection with God? It's fairly simple, read His word and pray every day. Remember that song you use to sing at church, "read your Bible, pray every day and you'll grow, grow, grow." Reading your Bible and praying every day keeps an instant connection to God. He loves us and wants to keep that connection with us.


  1. Yes - reading God's word is the BEST way to feel "connected" - thanks for sharing (Your neighbor at FMF - #27)

  2. I agree. Reading the Bible and praying is vital and so often we miss this very open access. My family and I are making a point of reading the One Year NLT Bible. I pray that it will draw us all closer to the Lord.
    Visiting from FMF. :)

  3. Great reminders for staying connected to God.

    It's crazy the way things seem so instant now, and the younger ones have no idea the things we waited for that they sometimes take for granted. We shouldn't take for granted His connection.

  4. I am always reminding my children about how things were back in my day -- with a slow dia lup connection and a landline phone with a chord that only allowed you to be in one room and talk. They always look at my like I am crazy! You are so right in that reading God's word and praying help us stay connected to God. I also connect to God through worship, especially when times are hard. Have a blessed weekend.




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