Five Minute Friday ~ Middle

Today's word prompt for five minute Friday is middle. The rules are simple- just write for five minutes.

When I think about the word middle, I think about several things. One of the things I think about is the tv show called The Middle. Another thing I think about is my precious middle children. My son became a middle child at 2 years old and my daughter became a middle child at 5 1/2 years old. My son has not really known anything other than being the middle child. I grew up as the baby of the family, so I don't really know much about being stuck in the middle. I know that sometimes, for him, he gets pushed to the side or doesn't get to do something his older brother or younger sisters get to do. I try to remember to give my middle children the attention that they need. I have let my middle son come with me to the store without the others (even though I would rather go by myself). For my older daughter, it is a little different. She was the baby for over 5 years. She remembers what it was like not being in the middle. I also try to give her attention without her little sister tagging along. We have been out on a mother/daughter date of just the two of us and had a wonderful time. She needs to get away from her little sister (and older brothers) every once in a while. So, while I am not a middle and don't know what it is like to be in the middle, I still try to give my middles attention and love.


  1. T'is a good thing you do momma

  2. I know theres times that it's difficult to give my two the individual attention they need. I'm from the opposite end of the scale. The oldest of four. Great post!

  3. Good job taking care of the middles. I am the middle child of my two sisters for ten years and then there were two half sisters, but I still felt in the middle.




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