Menu Plan Monday and 34 Weeks of Clean

Menu Plan Monday

First up is my menu plan for this week. In no particular order (I usually just decide the day of when I pull something out of the freezer):

~ Cube steak and gravy with veggies
~ Spaghetti and salad
~ Spinach and chicken enchiladas
~ Chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese
~ Cilantro lime pork
~ Spicy chicken crunch wraps


Last week, I joined Michelle over at Faith, Family, & Friday’s for her 34 weeks of clean. We were to clean out our kitchen cabinets and drawers. I had already done this when I did a deep clean and purge of my kitchen the first couple weeks of January. This coming up week (week 4) we will be focusing on our refrigerators, freezers, and floors.  My fridge needs some deep cleaning and I have already started but will get it taken care of this week. I’ve already steam mopped my kitchen floor, but it could definitely use another mopping again.

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