The Beginner’s Bible ~ Review

The Beginner's Bible Review

My five year old daughter loves going to church. She loves learning about God and loves praying for others. She loves reading and learning about the different people in the Bible. She has a regular Bible but has not really done anything with it yet, since she is just starting to learn how to read. She also loves when anyone sits down and reads stories to her, stories with a lot of pictures. I didn’t tell her we were going to review a Bible story book, so when The Beginner’s Bible from Zonderkidz arrived, she was so excited! She immediately wanted me to read a story to her. It was a week before Christmas when the Bible arrived, so I chose to read her the Christmas story.


The Beginner’s Bible was originally published in 1989 and quickly became a best seller. This Bible storybook has over 90 stories from the Bible and includes an illustration on each page. It is a beautiful hardcover book with over 500 pages. The stories that are included are short and easy to read. It is the perfect book for a 4-8 year old. The illustrations in The Beginner’s Bible have been redesigned and make the stories come alive with their 3D appearance. The stories in the Old Testament covers from Creation to Jonah. The stories in the New Testament covers from Jesus’ birth to Jesus’ coming (Revelation). There is a two page content section in the front, so it is easy to find your favorite story. And there is also a dictionary (in the back) to help young children understand what some of the words mean.

The Beginner's Bible sample pages

I have been reading several of the stories from The Beginner’s Bible to my daughter since we have received it. After looking at the website and finding so many helpful printables and activities, I am planning to use the story book in our homeschool day. There are several activity (coloring sheets, mazes, matching, etc) sheets that can be printed for home use. There are also other resources that can be used with The Beginner’s Bible. I’m planning to use the recommend reading page that lists what stories to read during different times of the year. I also plan to print off several of the coloring sheets and other printables to use during our Bible time.

The Beginner's Bible Sample 2

We, my daughter and I, have really enjoyed reading from The Beginner’s Bible. My daughter loves all of the illustrations. I have not ever had the opportunity to have seen one or read from it and I’ve always heard great things about it. I am glad to have finally had the opportunity to receive one and share the best stories from the best Book with my daughter. I am looking forward to when she can read the stories herself (to me). I also pray that she will treasure this Bible story book and always have the love for God and the Bible that she has at 5 years old. When asked what her favorite story is, she says, “All of it!”

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  1. "All of it!" Love her answer! This is such a sweet Bible for children.




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