By The Way Series ~ Book Review

By The Way  Series Book Review

My family and I love to visit state parks when we go to different states. We would much rather do that than visit an amusement park. Going to state parks can be a very educational experience. We have actually visited a few in Florida before, but it has been several years since we there. I was so excited to have the opportunity to read through a new book series from By the Way Book Series. The book we reviewed is the first book in the series, Florida’s Treasure Coast ~ Here We Come!

About By the Way:

Joy Budensiek had the idea to create this series when she was listening to a speaker. That speaker mentioned that Christian parents don’t talk to their children about God. She created the series to help provide parents with materials to talk about God and his creation. Joy’s goal is to write 100 books. She has already written six so far which include the following:
Florida's Treasure Coast ~ Here We Come!
Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come!
Pennsylvania ~ Here We Come!
Ohio ~ Here We Come!
Washington ~ Here We Come!
Colorado ~ By the Way
These books are written from a Christian perspective and talk about creation and God. Each book is written to showcase each state and visit places in that state (or country) that God created for us to enjoy. Also, these are beautiful hardcover books with great pictures and illustrations.

About the book and how we used the Florida book:

The book is 48 pages in length and covers many different parts of the state of Florida. Alex and Lexi live where it is cold and snowy. Grandpa calls and asks Alex if he and his sister would like to visit sunny Florida. Grandpa and Grandma take the kids around the state to visit the beach, talk about hurricanes, learn about bugs of Florida, and learn some history about the state parks (Jonathan Dickinson State Park and Dubois Park). They also learn about the different kinds of animals in the ocean and gulf. They even learned about geocaching. They both had a fun time with Grandpa and Grandma.

Florida Sample Pages

Since the book was lengthy, I read through this book with my 5 year old daughter over a couple of weeks. I would read a few pages and we would discuss what we read. We discussed how God created everything and it was good. We discussed and learned about the different animals and bugs that are in Florida and how we can find some of the same animals and bugs in our state.

Florida Sample Pages 2

What we thought about the book:

We both loved it so much. I love how the Bible verses are incorporated throughout the book. My daughter said her favorite part was learning about the dolphins and the manatees. I also love all of the pictures that are in the book. They are very beautiful. I also liked all of the fun facts that were spread throughout the book. My daughter and I learned so much from this book and we can’t wait until we get the next book.

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