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Project Passport The Middle Ages

I love when we get to review different history products, because it helps me to find what is best for my children. Some of them like hands on activities, while others prefer to just read a textbook. So, we have used several different history curriculums over our 10 years of homeschooling. One of the hands on history courses that my 6th grade daughter likes is from Home School in the Woods. We have reviewed products from them in the past and she learns a lot when we go through the hands on activities. Over the past month, we have been reviewing HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: The Middle Ages (download version).

What is Project Passport: The Middle Ages?
Project Passport is an interactive project-based curriculum that takes you on a trip through time. It is recommended for grades 3-8. Your child will create a passport and have a travel itinerary. In Project Passport: The Middle Ages, there are 25 stops (lessons) where you will meet people and see different sights. You’ll even get the opportunity to taste some of the food like wassail, gruel, gingerbread, and beef barley soup.

Middle Ages Luggage Sample

The 25 stops are able to be spread over 8-12 weeks, or even longer, depending on how slowly or quickly you want to go over the material. There are many projects to complete plus an additional resources page that allows you to go more in depth. There are also seven audio tours that will give you more information on some medieval events. Your child will create a scrapbook of sights which is a 3 ring binder that holds, “The Medieval Times” (a newspaper), postcards from famous people, notebooking pages, recipes, and more.

There are several other Project Passports available on the website. Project Passport is available as a download or there is also a CD version available. You can take a trip to the following places:
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece (the newest Project Passport)
  • Renaissance & Reformation
  • The Middle Ages
  • Ancient Rome (available next year)

How we used Project Passport: The Middle Ages
I decided to have my 6th grade daughter do one stop a week (we did two the first week). She has been studying world history, so I used this as a supplement. The first stop in The Middle Ages is to create your luggage folder, passport, preparing the scrapbook of sights, preparing the timeline, and preparing the newspaper. I had her do that stop over a couple of days and we started the next stop a couple of days after she completed those projects.

The Middle Ages Sample 2

Each stop includes some text and several hands on activities. I would read through the text (short, anywhere from 1-3 pages) on one day and she would go over which activities she wanted to do and what order she wanted to do them. She would spread out the activities over a few days.

We also had a chance to enjoy listening to our Heirloom Audio Productions again when I noticed that some of the G.A. Henty stories were listed in the additional resources. We also enjoyed watching Disney’s Robin Hood.

The Middle Ages Sample 3

What did we think about Project Passport: The Middle Ages?
My daughter enjoys doing the hands on activities and learns more by doing them. She does not like to sit and read a textbook. She comprehends so much more when she listens and does activities. Overall, she has loved Project Passport: The Middle ages so far.
I like how there is an option to do a scrapbook or a lap book. My daughter prefers scrapbooks over lap books and this gives her the option to make it her own way. The instructions are also detailed enough that she can do the projects on her own.

My daughter liked listening to the audio tours while she did her projects. She told me that she would like to do more Project Passports when she is finished with The Middle Ages.

The only con I have is that there is so much printing and this will take up a lot of time. I printed out the first five stops at one time, since that is about what we have gotten done during the review period. But once everything is printed and sorted and you have looked through the material, it is easy to use.

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