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Walking with the Waodani

My boys are familiar with the Jim Elliot and Nate Saint missionary story. They have watched the movie and have read some about them. They knew a little about the Indians that lived in Ecuador. When I saw this study, I knew my boys (and myself) would be interested in learning more about this tribe and the missionaries who tried to witness to them. We, my boys and I, have been reviewing the newest product from Home School Adventure Co., Walking with the Waodani, over the past month.

About Walking with the Waodani:
Walking with the Waodani is a four lesson unit study. It is intended to be spread out over a month, going over one lesson per week. The lessons include Shell Mera (Then), Shell Mera (Now), Ecuador, and Quito. There are five components to each lesson. They are lesson introduction, people and places, meals and markets, animals and agriculture, and worlds and worldview. You will learn about the geographic place using maps, read stories about the people that live in these places, make some of the meals they eat, and learn about the animals that live there. Each lesson also has a travel journal. Some of the assignments include notebook pages, mark your map (a notebook page that contains a map), rating a recipe, drawing an animal, and creative freewriting. There are also additional resources for each lesson that include links to websites, books, and DVDs.

Sample Walking with the Waodani

How we used Walking with the Waodani:
We wanted to take our time so we decided to take about two weeks per lesson with this study. I read the pages out loud to my boys. There are several pages of information with each lesson. I would read a couple of pages each day. I also gave them an assignment (part of the travel journal) to work on every few days. At the end of the lesson, I had my boys pick one of the links in the additional resources to read through. We also watched a couple of videos during the review period. We watched the End of the Spear and Through Gates of Splendor. The meals portion that was covered were grubs and piranhas. My boys said they would eat both if given the chance. We didn’t actually cook the meal, but there are directions included for making the meals. My boys have cooked/grilled plenty of fish, so they were able to answer the questions about eating the fish.

Sample 2 Walking with the Waodani

What we thought about Walking with the Waodani:
My boys and I are having a fun time going through this study. We have learned so much more than what we already knew. We loved watching about the Indians and missionaries. My boys are enjoying going through the notebooking pages and answering the questions about Ecuador. Below is part of the story from lesson 1 that one of my boys wrote:

This is my first trip to visit the Indians. I was able to do a flyover, but was unable to make contact. I decided to join Operation Auca because I want to tell others about Jesus. I don’t have any family…well, I have my parents and siblings back home. As the days get closer to leaving, I am feeling a bit nervous. How will these people react to seeing us near their homes? Will they accept us?
I’m looking forward to going over the last two lessons with my boys over the next few weeks. We will be reading some of the books listed in the additional resources.

Walking with the Waodani is available as a digital download ($18.95) or a print edition ($21.95).

 FREEBIE: You can sign up to receive the first lesson free by clicking here (scroll down until you see "Get the Waodani Preview").

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