Drive Thru History® ~ Review

Drive Thru History® Review

I am always trying to find different and creative ways to incorporate Bible into our school day. We do have family devotions every day, but I feel like there is always so much more that we need to study and learn from the Bible. I also dream of one day being able to visit the same places where Jesus lived. So, when we had the chance to review Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”, the newest product from Drive Thru History®, I was excited to show these to my children.

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” contains eighteen 30 minute episodes. The discs come in a beautiful case with a 118 page study guide. The study guide not only offered discussion questions for each episode, it also gave a short summary paragraph. There was also Bible reading passages and quotes from different people throughout the guide. It also contains beautiful art and pictures on each page. Dave Stotts takes us through the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to the places where Jesus walked and stayed. We see many ancient sights in Israel and learn about Jesus’ birth, ministry, death, and resurrection.

The Gospels

When we first received the DVD set, I was planning to go through about two episodes per week so we could move at a slower pace and go through the study guide. We watched an episode, then during our family devotion time, we read through the suggested Bible reading. The following day, I would go through the discussion questions with my older three children (15, 13, 11). The 6 year old couldn’t really answer the questions, but she did enjoy watching the videos. And as planned, we did go through two episodes per week. When we went through the questions, I had all of the older children write down their answer before saying it out loud. I wanted to hear all of their opinions and be able to have a discussion. They all answered differently and in their own way. They all were able to get something from each episode.

Study Guide Sample

All of my children and myself have enjoyed and have learned so much from these videos. From the case that these came in to each episode, you can tell a lot of hard work and care have been put into this production. We have enjoyed “traveling” across the world to visit the places where Jesus walked and talked. Dave Stotts did a wonderful job with the narrative. My boys especially liked the first episode where he introduced us to the Land Rover that he would be using for this series. My children know a lot about the Bible from going to church and reading it daily for family devotions, but we have all learned something new from watching this series.

I would definitely recommend this series to anyone wanting to know more about the gospels in the Bible, more about Jesus’ life, or just want something good to watch. This is also a great series to use for homeschool or in a classroom. It can be incorporated in a history class or in a Bible class. It is a great series for any one of any age.

You can check out an episode for free by clicking here.

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