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We love reviewing books from YWAM Publishing. My kids love how interesting these books are written. Over the last several weeks, my kids and I have been reading and learning about Heroes of History -Louis Zamperini from their Heroes of History series.

About the book:
 Louis Zamperini is the story of how Louis (Louie) became a great athlete and war hero. Louie was not always a great person. In fact, he was a troublemaker when he was younger. His brother, Pete, saw how fast Louie could run away from authority when he was in trouble, so Pete decides to train Louie to be a runner. Louie became a great runner and could run short distances at record speed. Louie was able to try out for the 1936 Olympics for the 5,000 meter race, something he didn't run very often. He did great and set a record speed for the final lap. After the Pearl Harbor attack, Louie decided to join the military. He became a bombardier. While out on a rescue mission, the engines failed on the plane and sent him and his buddies into the ocean. He was adrift for 43 days before being rescued. He was also sent to prisoner camps after being rescued. He was there for several years before he is able to come back to America. Louie gives his life to the Lord and marries and has two children. Louie lived to be 97 years old.

About the authors:
Janet and Geoff Benge are a married couple who have twenty years of writing experience. Janet taught elementary age children, while Geoff has a degree in history. They have several books in the Heroes for History series and also the Christian Heroes: Then and Now series.

About the Digital Unit Study:
The digital unit study is a downloadable pdf that is split into two sections. The first section is full of chapter questions, ideas for a display corner, student explorations, related themes to explore, and a social studies section. The student explorations section of the study includes ideas for creative writing, essay questions and research topics, hands on projects, visual projects, and arts and crafts. The social studies section is divided into categories to be used for mapping and timeline. There are also appendices that include the answers to the chapter questions and books and resources for further studies. Part two of the unit study has reproducibles that include a biography (fact sheet), map, and timeline.

How we used the book and unit study:
I used this as a read aloud with my older three children (11,13, and 15 years old). Each day, I would read a chapter and after we would go over the discussion questions in the study. There are six questions related to each chapter. I would ask the questions and my children wrote out their answers on a sheet of paper. We looked over all of the other projects and one of them was to create a word cloud. We had fun coming up with words that described Louie. You can see it in the picture below.

We mapped out the various cities listed in the book on the map provided. And I had my daughter work on the timeline that is provided in the unit study. We also watched the movie Unbroken which is based on Louie's life.

What we thought:
We had a good time reading this book and learning more about Louis Zamperini. My boys liked working on the word cloud and my daughter liked learning more about how Louie was rescued. There are some facts in the book that I did not even know. I enjoyed working through the book and study with my children. They have already asked who we are going to be learning about next.

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