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Imagine…letting your kids paint without a mess being made. You may be thinking, “that is not even possible.” I can assure you that it is possible. My girls love to get out the paints and fill up some cups with water and start creating something. It always seems to happen around dinner time and now there is a mess on the table. Now that we have Thin Stix 6 pk of Classic Colors from The Pencil Grip, Inc. the above scenario doesn’t happen anymore. They get out the sticks and start painting with them. Their works of art are dry within minutes and we don’t have a messy table anymore.

  Thin Stix Review

What are Thin Stix?
Thin Stix is a solid tempura paint that is packaged in sticks (like a glue stick) to take the mess out of painting. Thin Stix is also fast drying. You no longer have to wait hours for your creation to dry. Thin Stix dry in 90 seconds. They also work on paper, wood, or cardboard. And best of all, it's a fast and easy cleanup when the kids are finished painting. These paint sticks are thinner (hence the name) than the original Kwik Stix so you are able to have better control and paint with finer detail. Thin Stix paint also comes off of your hands easily. I’ve been able to just rub it right off and of course, it comes right off with soap and water.

thin stix paint

Who are Thin Stix for?
Anybody of any age will enjoy painting with these sticks. My children are 15, 13, 11, and 6. They all equally enjoyed making pictures with these paints. Even I got in on the action and painted some pictures. These are fun at any age!

How we used Thin Stix: We used them almost daily, especially my girls. I never had to tell them not to paint, because Thin Stix is easy to get out and easy to clean up. I even printed some coloring pages to try out the thin stix and it worked out good. You can see some of our creations in the picture above. I can't tell you how long they last, but we have been using them almost daily and they are still quite full. My kids even use these in their bedrooms! I am not worried about messes anymore. We used the regular kwik stix in the past but only used them on paper. This time we bought some wood cutouts (below) to try the thin stix paints on. It worked perfectly and we were happy with the results. We also were able to print out some coloring sheets to use with the thin stix. We were able to get better detail using the thin stix.

  Thin Stix Wood

What we think of Thin Stix: We all love them! I love that it is easy to clean up after using. My girls love that they can still paint whenever they want to. We love that we can take them wherever we want and don’t have to worry about messes. We give these paints 5 stars!

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