Internship for High School Credit ~ Apologia Review

Internship for High School Credit - Review

Is your high school student interested in a career where they would be able to have an internship? Did you know it is possible for your high school student to have an internship and earn a high school credit? Being able to internship in their chosen career before going to college would be a great experience. With Apologia Educational Ministries new book Internship for High School Credit by Sherri Seligson, it is definitely possible and your high school student can earn a credit while doing it.

About the book:

Internship for High School Credit is a spiral bound, 100 page book that contains five sections.

Part I ~ Getting Started:
This section explains how to choose a company, how to prepare for the internship, how to write a resume, and also explains how to receive high school credit. This section also gives a sample letter of introduction that the student can send to the company. It also gives a sample resume for the student. And lastly, it gives hints on the interview process and what to do after the interview.

Part II ~ Information for the Parents:
This section gives information for parents about the child labor laws and how to give a high school credit for the internship. It also gives information on how many credits to assign for the internship and how to grade the internship.

Part III ~ First Semester:
This section has some worksheets to be filled out to keep track of the internship. There is a semester goals worksheet and also weekly worksheets. There are also work performance sheets and skills gained worksheets. The semester goals worksheet is there for the student to fill out with the supervisor about what skills your child would like to learn during the internship.The weekly worksheets include a place to record dates and hours worked each week. There are also questions to be filled out such as "Write about a particular activity you were able to observe" and "Describe the specific task you performed during the past week." There are also tips and quotes throughout the pages.

At the end of the first semester pages is a midterm work performance sheet that the supervisor can fill out and also an end of semester work performance sheet to be filled out by the supervisor. And lastly, there is a skills gained worksheet that the student can fill out during the semester as they learn new skills.

Part IV ~ Second Semester:
The pages in this section are similar to those in Part III, but the questions are to be filled out on a  separate sheet of paper and are to be one to two pages in length.

Part V ~ Course Wrap-Up:
This section tells the student how to write a thank you note to the company about their experience and how to update their resume with the work experience.

Apologia Educational Ministries

While we didn't have a chance to use this book yet, I have read the book and it has given me some great ideas for my children. So far, only my soon to be 10th grade son has chosen a career. We had already talked about the possibility of an internship, but didn't know how to do it. This book will be useful if he decides he would like to intern before going to college.

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