Home School in the Woods ~ Make-a-State Activity Pak Review

Home School in the Woods - Make-a-State Review

I always look forward to teaching our state’s history to my children. I have tried many different things to try to make it a fun learning experience, but I always feel like I could do more or the kids want to do more hands-on projects while learning about the state. When I found out that Home School in the Woods was offering a new Make-a-State Activity, I was excited. And that meant we could study, learn, and do a hands-on activity for any of the states. Their Make-a-State Activity is part of their line of Activity-Paks series which includes The Old Testament, The New Testament, Composers, and Artists.

What is Make-a-State Activity Pak?
This activity is offered as a download or on CD. We received the download version and it was easy to download the zip file to the computer. Once downloaded, all I had to do was unzip the file and click on the start file. The start file has all of the links needed to make your state lapbook. This pak includes everything you need to make a lapbook for all 50 states. There is an introduction file that explains the project and also lists some other helpful resources. The start file has all of the links to the activity pages you will need to print. It also includes a photo of each activity so you can have visual while putting your lapbook together. And it also includes directions on how to assemble the finished activities into the lapbook. There are also two bonus items- a state page that has info about each state and a “Name That State!” file folder game.

How we used the Make-a-State Activity Pak:
We will be visiting Florida later this summer and I wanted to give my kids a brief history of the state. My three older kids have visited the state before, but they were very young and don’t remember much. The last time we visited was when my older daughter was six months old and she will be twelve this year! So, I figured they could use a brief history of the state before we went this time.

I printed out each activity all at once. We decided to do one activity at a time. We worked through about 2 activities per week.  My girls did most of the coloring and cutting and my boys helped with the writing.

We mostly used the one page bonus about the state and some of the websites listed in the introduction file for our research. I didn’t want to do a full history about the state just a brief one before our visit and using the bonus page and websites helped us to learn just what we wanted to learn before our trip.

Instead of putting the lapbook all together at the end, we would put it together as we went along. After each activity, we would add it to the appropriate place in the file folder (lapbook).

Oh, I almost forgot. Each state comes with a recipe for you to try out. We kind of cheated on that one. The recipe for Florida is key lime pie. I have made key lime pie in the past, but for this project (and since it has been so hot here in NC) I cheated and bought a key lime pie for us to eat. Maybe when the weather is cooler, I will make a fresh key lime pie for us to enjoy.

What we thought:
Everyone (even my teen boys) enjoyed going through the activities and learning a little bit about the state of Florida. I think I will use this with my 1st grade daughter over the next few years and do a more in depth study of each state. We can cover as many states as we want to each year until we have covered them all.

Home School in the Woods has so much to offer. We have reviewed the U.S. Election Lap Pak from their Lap-Paks series. We also reviewed The Middle Ages from their Project Passport series. We love the projects from Home School in the Woods because they are hands-on. It helps my kids learn a lot more when they are doing a history activity and not just reading about history.

FREEBIE ALERT! Their latest “project” is offering an A-La-Carte page full of hands-on history projects. Right now, because it is the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal, you can get that project free by using the code “alacarte” during checkout.

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