Weekly Highlights ~ Last Week of September

Homeschool Week

Wow, this week seems to have flown by. In fact, this whole month seems to have flown by.

Our homeschool week…My boys finished up their first nine weeks and will be taking their exams next week.  My daughter has been reading Anne of Green Gables and is at the halfway point. My youngest has been getting her work done, but she told me one day that “I’m so bored because it is so easy.” I’m planning to just let her do what she wants each day and if she finishes 1st grade early, we’ll just go ahead and start 2nd grade.

Field Trip…We just, spur of the moment, decided to go down to the beach on Thursday. We wanted to see what kind of shells Hurricane Maria kicked up. We found a few nice ones.


The shell with the ‘s’ on it was found by my 6 year old daughter whose name starts with ‘S.’
Since we also have a yearly family pass to the aquarium, we went also went there yesterday.


And lastly, we visited Fort Macon. We walked around the fort and went to the beach overlook.


We had a fast and fun week.

Don't miss this week's reviews that I posted: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls and Captain Bayley's Heir.

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Weekly Wrap-Up


The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls ~ Book Review

We were privileged to have been chosen to review two books from The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls from Worthy Kids/Ideals. We received The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1) and The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Race to the Ark (Book #2).

About the books:
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is designed for children ages 6-9 with a reading level in grades 1-3.

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series is a time travel series where Peter, his sister Mary, and their dog Hank go back to the stories from the Bible from a special scroll that their great uncle found. In order for them to get back, they must find the clues from the scroll in a seven day period. There are also rules that they have to follow with the most important one being that they cannot tell anyone they are from the future.

In Book 1, Peter, Mary, and Hank are left at their Great Uncle Solomon's house while their parents go to Africa for a month. The kids thought that they were going to be so bored and that it was going to be a long month. Great Uncle Solomon started to tell them of his adventures as he traveled the world collecting Biblical artifacts to prove the Bible was real. But there was one discovery that he had not told anyone about, until now. He told Peter and Mary he had found a legend about the hidden scrolls and that he had actually found the scrolls. He also told them he had no idea what they contained because he couldn't open them. He said he had read that only chosen ones can open the scrolls. In order to know if they are the chosen one, they would hear a lion's roar. That night Peter and Mary are woken up by their dog barking. They go to the library and find a book with a lion on it that the dog is barking at. They tried to pull it out, but it actually opened a secret room where the scrolls are kept. Suddenly, everything shakes and Peter, Mary, and Hank find themselves in complete darkness. They have no idea where they are. They hear a booming voice say "Let there be light." When the water is created, Peter, Mary, and Hank meet the angel, Michael. He helps them out a little bit. He tells them the rules and that in order to return they have to figure out the words on the scroll. They see the world being created and also meet Satan as a snake who tries to deceive them. What happens to Peter, Mary, and Hank? How did they get back? What happened?

In Book 2, Peter, Mary, and Hank are still at their Great Uncle Solomon's house. They have been back for three days and are wondering if they will get to open another scroll. Suddenly, they hear the lion roar and find themselves back in the Bible. They don't know where they are at first but soon realize they are at the place where Noah is building the ark. This time, they have seven words to solve the scroll. They wonder if they can actually complete it in time since the first scroll only had three words to solve. They meet many rude people, but they also meet Noah's family. They get to tour the ark and see all of the animals as Noah and his family prepare for the flood. Will they be able to solve the scroll in time to make it back before they drown in the flood?

What we thought: I used these books as read alouds for my 1st grade daughter. We have been having a great time reading through these books. My daughter always wants me to read "one more chapter." These books are written well and have some illustrations mixed in with the story. She said her favorite book was the 1st one because she liked hearing how the world was created. These books are easy and fun to read. We are definitely looking forward to more books in this series!

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. {WorthyKids/Ideals Reviews}


Heirloom Audio Productions: Captain Bayley’s Heir Review

Heirloom Audio Productions Review of Captain Bayley's Heir

We love being picked to review audio dramas. We have learned so much from the Heirloom Audio Productions adventures of the G.A. Henty books. Their latest audio drama is Captain Bayley’s Heir. And of course, like all of their other productions, this one is just as great. We received the CD’s which has over two hours of adventure. We also received access to the Live the Adventure Club which has access to the study guide and other bonuses.

A little (or a lot) about the story: Captain Bayley’s Heir starts out with Mr. George (the narrator) meeting a young fellow named Frank in America. Mr. George tells Frank that he is going to write a book on America about the California Gold Rush. Frank tells him he would love to hear the story. Mr. George begins the story back in England.

In England, we meet the Hall family, and Frank, Fred, and Alice. Harry Hall is a cripple who has trouble walking and must use a makeshift wheelchair. Frank and Alice live with Captain Harold Bayley. Frank and Fred are cousins and also Captain Bayley’s nephews. They become friends with Harry when Frank rescues his dog from the ice pond.

Alice discovers Harold had a daughter named Ella. Ella had run away when she fell in love with a man that Harold did not approve of. She left an address, but when Harold wrote to her years later, it was too late. Her and her husband had just vanished and no one knew what happened to them.

Frank gets into trouble (fighting and blamed for stealing money) decides to run away to America. When he gets to America, he helps out a man with his boat. This man helps him on getting to California. Frank runs into some trouble (Indians) on the way to California, but he is with a wagon train and they defeat the Indians. Frank gets to California and hits it big during the gold rush. He stays in California and spends some years there. His friend has decided to leave and Frank is on his own. He is out one day when he hears gunshots. He rides up the hill to discover a wagon is being robbed. He rides down the hill and starts shooting the robbers. He is seriously injured and is brought to a hospital.

Meanwhile, back in England, Captain Bayley had hired a detective to find out anything about his daughter. Mrs. Hall has also discovered a clue about Harold’s daughter Ella.

What happened to Frank? What has been found out about Captain Bayley’s daughter? You will have to listen to find out the rest of the story.

About the Live the Adventure Club and Study Guide: Here you will find bonus content such as the e-book of the story, a study guide, some downloadable pdf posters, and an mp3 download of the soundtrack. You are also able to listen online and read along with the script. If you listen online (or even if you don’t), you are able to take a chapter quiz to see how much you remember and how well you were listening.

The study guide has three parts to each chapter. Listening well are questions that are somewhat easy to answer and don’t take up much time. The thinking further questions are questions that require a longer answer and make you think about the story more. The third part is the defining words section. This section has you look up the definition to different words from the story. The study guide also has a few Bible studies.

What we thought: As usual, we loved listening to Captain Bayley’s Heir every day. We used the listen online part of the Live the Adventure Club and read along while listening to each chapter. We also did the online chapter quiz after listening to each chapter. There are twenty chapters and each chapter is under twenty minutes. You could listen to a chapter each day or listen to the whole thing at one sitting if you want with the CD’s. These productions of G.A. Henty's books are the best and we look forward to listening to them when we receive them.

Captain Bayley's Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}



Weekly Highlights

We have been busy these past few weeks and I haven't taken the time to write up a weekly post.

Two weeks ago we went on a field trip for my birthday to the aquarium and Fort Fisher in Wilmington NC. We had a great time seeing the animals and learning about how the fort was used during the civil war. I posted pictures on this wordless Wednesday post.

I've been busy with review items and have had two reviews due back to back for the past two weeks and also have two due this upcoming Monday and Tuesday.

You can click below to see the four reviews I posted the past couple of weeks:
Let's Go Geography
Imagine...The Great Flood (book review)
Carole P. Roman (book review)
The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Study Guide

So, now I am working on a few reviews that will post this upcoming week and in a few weeks in October. One is the newest production from Heirloom Audio Productions. The others are two books from The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls book series and Brinkman Adventures (audio drama missionary stories).

We have also been getting school work done these past few weeks and my boys (high school) are almost to the nine weeks exams for their subjects.

We've been busy and I don't know if it is ever going to slow down.

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Weekly Wrap-Up


Let’s Go Geography ~ Review

Let's Go Geography Review

Wanting my youngest daughter to learn more about the world we live on, but not having a good geography program to introduce her to the places around the world, had me grateful that we were chosen to review Let’s Go Geography. Let’s Go Geography is a fun homeschool geography course that is also a hands on based geography curriculum for K-4th grade children.

What is Let’s Go Geography?

This program takes you and your child through all of the seven continents during the year. Year 1 is available at this time and you will learn about several countries such as Canada, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Hungary, and many more (see image below). Each lesson takes one week to complete  with the lessons being spread out over 36 weeks. 

Lets Go Geography Countries_zpsty8qcuk1

Before starting the program it is recommended to create a travel journal (3 ring notebook) to keep all the pages together. You will receive a travel journal cover to print out when you purchase the curriculum. You will also need dividers for each continent.

During the week of learning, you will print out several pages for your child to work on. These pages include maps of the country, a flag of the country, and a coloring page of a landmark in the country. Your child will also listen to the national anthem and watch videos on the country. If you want to explore the country more, you can go to the library and check out some books on the country. There is also a craft to go along with the country. And, if you want your child to write what they have learned about the country, there are notebooking pages included.

Every 12 weeks is a review week to review what your child has been learning over the weeks. They will label and color the countries, match the flags to the country, read some facts, and color some coloring pages.


How we used Let’s Go Geography:

We went through this program as scheduled, but if you would rather skip around it is okay to do that to. During the review period we learned about the Northeast US, Hawaii, Canada, Haiti, and Nicaragua. I printed the pages that were needed each week and my daughter colored the countries, flags, and coloring pages. We used the computer to watch videos about the countries and to look at the pictures from each place. We also did the crafts each week.  While it is recommended to spend an hour each week doing the lesson, we broke this up into about 20 minutes each day to work on the lesson each week. We would color the map and flag and learn about the country (where it is located, the size, the population) on the first day. The next day, we would watch some videos on the country. The rest of the week  we looked at the pictures of the country, worked on the craft, and colored the landmark coloring pages.

Canada Craft

What we thought about Let’s Go Geography:

My daughter has been enjoying learning about the different countries of the world. At her age, it is easy to go through the program slowly and it keeps her attention during the time. She has already learned so much in the short period of time that we have been working on the program. We will continue to go through learning a country a week until we finish out the Year 1 program.  We will likely keep using this program as Years 2 and 3 become available. I love how easy it is to use and that everything is laid out for the teacher. I also love that links to videos and pictures of the country are included for easy navigation. This is a well laid out geography curriculum and is easy to use.

Northeast USA craft and color page

This program is available for purchase as a whole year, a semester, or there are individual lessons available for purchase. There are some sample freebies that are available for download. Click below to see how other crew members used this in their homeschool and what they thought about it.

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Book Review ~ Imagine…The Great Flood

Book Review Imagine...The Great Flood

We were given the opportunity to review the first book in a new series from Barbour PublishingImagine…The Great Flood by Mark Koceich. This is a story about a boy from modern times who goes back in time to the story of Noah and his ark.

In this story, Corey is out with his mom and dog Molly. He and his mother are talking while playing fetch with the dog. It begins to thunder and lightning and Corey is on his way into the woods to get the dog. On the way, Corey falls and bumps his head. The next thing he sees is some men in robes and some animals. He finds out that the man is Shem and he his helping his father get the animals to the ark. While they are out gathering the animals, Corey and Shem are being chased by the Nephilim (giants) and Elizar (an evil man). Corey does get caught by the Nephilim and wonders how he will ever make it out alive and back to his home. He remembers something that his mom told him~ to trust in God. He prays to God to help him out of the situation he is in and gets out of the deep well the Nephilim put him in. It had already started raining and the water was coming up from the ground and he is being pulled away by the current. Just as he is about to be safely on the ark, he was pulled down into the water. When he comes to, he hears a familiar voice.

I read this as a read aloud to my six year old daughter. We read a few chapters a day and she was always disappointed when I stopped. She wanted to know what was going to happen next. After I finished, I asked her some questions about the book.

~ What was this book about? It was about a boy who went back into the Bible during Noah’s Ark time.
~ What was your favorite part?  I liked the part when he went back to his home. I was happy that he was able to get back to his family.
~ Were there any scary parts? Yes, the giants were kind of scary.
~ What did Corey learn? He learned to trust in God.

We both enjoyed the book very much and this was a great book to read aloud to her. The recommended ages for the book is 8-12. There are some scary parts and even though she mentioned them, it was nothing gory. I didn’t really notice any scary parts, just the Nephilim chasing them and them not knowing if they would get back to the ark alive. There were some mild violent parts (the Nephilim throwing objects at Corey and Shem and them throwing Corey into a deep well). The book does mention how Elizar is “one who uses dark arts to perform magic.”

Overall, this was a great book and I recommend it if you are looking for something different to read to your children.

We look forward to the second book in the Imagine series coming out next spring about the ten plagues.  At the time of this writing both books, Imagine…The Great Flood and Imagine…The Ten Plagues, are on sale for $4.49.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ 9/13/17

Last Friday was my birthday. We took a field trip to the aquarium and to Fort Fisher in Wilmington, NC.







Carole P. Roman Book Review

Carole P. Roman Book Review

*This post contains affiliate links*

We have reviewed books from Carole P. Roman in the past, so I was excited to be chosen to review some different books this time. We received Oh Susannah: It’s in the Bag and Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? to read through.

Oh Susannah cover Jpg_zps5vx1cw4kOh Susannah: It’s in the Bag is the first book in a new chapter series. This book is geared toward the lower elementary age. This story is about Susannah Maya Logan who is in the third grade. It starts out with her having trouble with her homework. She feels like she can’t talk to her parents about not understanding the math problems because they are too busy with their own work. She leaves for school the next morning with a feeling of dread. Her problems keep getting bigger as the day goes on and she doesn’t know what to do. She keeps stuffing all of her school work into her backpack until it can’t hold anymore. When she gets home from school, she stuffs the full backpack under her bed hoping it will just disappear and make all of her problems go away.  When she goes to bed that night, she starts thinking about that full back pack and eventually falls asleep. The back pack haunts her in her dreams and becomes so big that it just explodes all over room. Her parents rush in when they hear her scream. They stay with her and make her talk about what is going on. Will they listen? Will things change? How can they help her still be a little girl but remember her responsibilities also?

Oh Susannah: It’s in the bag is a short 34 page, nine chapter book. It is an easy read and I read this to my 6 year old daughter in a couple of days. We both looked forward to finding out how Susannah would deal with her problems. This book gave me an opportunity to talk with my daughter about not hiding her problems from me, but coming to me to talk them over. W can’t wait to read the next book in the series to find out more about Susannah.

Princess Cover updated_zpst31jlv0aCan a Princess Be a Firefighter? is a story about two daughters asking their dad if they can be something when they are older, but still be a princess. The dad tells his daughters that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up and that they will always be a princess to him.

My daughter loved this book. She has mentioned that she would like to be a firefighter when she grows up, so I knew she would enjoy this book.  It is a short, easy to read picture book that can be read in one sitting. It is ideal for preschool age, but really anyone who has daughters would love this book.

Carole also sent us two bonus books to look over and read. We were sent One to Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day and The Crew Goes Coconuts: A Captain No Beard Story.

One To Ten cover JPEG_zpshojqyd47One to Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day is about a squirrel who is rushing around trying to gather acorns when she loses them all. She is frustrated, but her friends try to help her by measuring how bad a problem is from one to ten. After hearing about her friend's problems, she realizes that her problem is not so big after all. Her friends plan to help her gather more acorns so she won’t be without.

The Crew Goes Coconuts_zpskgz1fu1kThe Crew Goes Coconuts: A Captain No Beard Story is Volume 6 in the Captain No Beard Series. This series is about the imagination of two cousins who are playing with their stuffed animals. This story begins with the crew being thirsty. They are docked at an island, but there is nothing to drink. They couldn't find any water to drink and their juice on board is all gone. They blame a goat that one of the crew members brings with them and start making fun of the goat.  Captain No Beard hears them and asks what the problem is. They let him know. He comes up with a solution that will make everyone happy.

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The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Study Guide from Progeny Press ~ Review

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Progeny Press Review

My older children all have literature books that they will be reading throughout the year. My youngest is in 1st grade this year and she still loves to have stories read to her. I didn’t really have any books picked out for her to listen to and learn about. I was glad to be chosen for The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide from Progeny Press.

Progeny Press offers many study guides (downloadable and print) for elementary, middle, and high school age. Progeny Press offers study guides for literature from a Christian perspective. They have over 100 E-Guides available (samples of titles in parenthesis) starting with lower elementary (Frog and Toad Together), upper elementary (Charlotte’s Web), middle school (The Giver), and high school (The Hobbit). They also have the same study guides available on CD or a printed workbook.

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain is a  story that was written by Alice Dalgliesh. She wrote this story based on a folk tale that was told to her by a state archivist in Pennsylvania in 1952. There are many variations to the story, but the boy, the iron pot, the mountain, and the bears are all part of the original story and remain unchanged.


The Progeny Press E-Guide about the book The Bears on Hemlock Mountain is geared for the lower elementary range (1st through 3rd grade). The E-Guide gives a brief synopsis about the book, background on the author,and background on the story. There are also several activities to choose from before reading the book. Some of these activities include doing research on animal tacks, listening to bird songs, and tracing a cookie pattern shape to make a border. My daughter said she didn’t know what a bear print looked like, so I found an image of bear tracks and showed it to her. I also had a picture of a bear and the bear print for her to color.

Progeny Press Sample - The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

During the review period, I read a couple of chapters a week (the book only has 10 short chapters). After reading the chapters to her, I would go over the questions with her. We spent a whole week reading and going over the questions. Some of the questions she didn’t understand and I would explain those to her. She also needed help with looking up the words in the dictionary and writing the answers down.

We both loved reading through the book and studying more about the book. *Side note: after we were chosen for the book, I went online to see more about the book and after seeing the old book cover I realized I had read this book as a child. I had forgotten about it, so it was fun to re-read it to my daughter.* At this level (1st grade), my daughter needed a lot of help with the study guide portion. She did enjoy going over the questions and learning more about the book. She also liked doing the activities that were listed before and after.  Overall, this is a great study guide and it helps the child learn more about the book and remember the book.

Be sure to click the banner below to read through the other reviews. There are reviews on Macbeth, Charlotte’s Web, The Silver Chair, and The Bears on Hemlock Mountain.

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