Book Review ~ Imagine…The Great Flood

Book Review Imagine...The Great Flood

We were given the opportunity to review the first book in a new series from Barbour PublishingImagine…The Great Flood by Mark Koceich. This is a story about a boy from modern times who goes back in time to the story of Noah and his ark.

In this story, Corey is out with his mom and dog Molly. He and his mother are talking while playing fetch with the dog. It begins to thunder and lightning and Corey is on his way into the woods to get the dog. On the way, Corey falls and bumps his head. The next thing he sees is some men in robes and some animals. He finds out that the man is Shem and he his helping his father get the animals to the ark. While they are out gathering the animals, Corey and Shem are being chased by the Nephilim (giants) and Elizar (an evil man). Corey does get caught by the Nephilim and wonders how he will ever make it out alive and back to his home. He remembers something that his mom told him~ to trust in God. He prays to God to help him out of the situation he is in and gets out of the deep well the Nephilim put him in. It had already started raining and the water was coming up from the ground and he is being pulled away by the current. Just as he is about to be safely on the ark, he was pulled down into the water. When he comes to, he hears a familiar voice.

I read this as a read aloud to my six year old daughter. We read a few chapters a day and she was always disappointed when I stopped. She wanted to know what was going to happen next. After I finished, I asked her some questions about the book.

~ What was this book about? It was about a boy who went back into the Bible during Noah’s Ark time.
~ What was your favorite part?  I liked the part when he went back to his home. I was happy that he was able to get back to his family.
~ Were there any scary parts? Yes, the giants were kind of scary.
~ What did Corey learn? He learned to trust in God.

We both enjoyed the book very much and this was a great book to read aloud to her. The recommended ages for the book is 8-12. There are some scary parts and even though she mentioned them, it was nothing gory. I didn’t really notice any scary parts, just the Nephilim chasing them and them not knowing if they would get back to the ark alive. There were some mild violent parts (the Nephilim throwing objects at Corey and Shem and them throwing Corey into a deep well). The book does mention how Elizar is “one who uses dark arts to perform magic.”

Overall, this was a great book and I recommend it if you are looking for something different to read to your children.

We look forward to the second book in the Imagine series coming out next spring about the ten plagues.  At the time of this writing both books, Imagine…The Great Flood and Imagine…The Ten Plagues, are on sale for $4.49.

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