Carole P. Roman Book Review

Carole P. Roman Book Review

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We have reviewed books from Carole P. Roman in the past, so I was excited to be chosen to review some different books this time. We received Oh Susannah: It’s in the Bag and Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? to read through.

Oh Susannah cover Jpg_zps5vx1cw4kOh Susannah: It’s in the Bag is the first book in a new chapter series. This book is geared toward the lower elementary age. This story is about Susannah Maya Logan who is in the third grade. It starts out with her having trouble with her homework. She feels like she can’t talk to her parents about not understanding the math problems because they are too busy with their own work. She leaves for school the next morning with a feeling of dread. Her problems keep getting bigger as the day goes on and she doesn’t know what to do. She keeps stuffing all of her school work into her backpack until it can’t hold anymore. When she gets home from school, she stuffs the full backpack under her bed hoping it will just disappear and make all of her problems go away.  When she goes to bed that night, she starts thinking about that full back pack and eventually falls asleep. The back pack haunts her in her dreams and becomes so big that it just explodes all over room. Her parents rush in when they hear her scream. They stay with her and make her talk about what is going on. Will they listen? Will things change? How can they help her still be a little girl but remember her responsibilities also?

Oh Susannah: It’s in the bag is a short 34 page, nine chapter book. It is an easy read and I read this to my 6 year old daughter in a couple of days. We both looked forward to finding out how Susannah would deal with her problems. This book gave me an opportunity to talk with my daughter about not hiding her problems from me, but coming to me to talk them over. W can’t wait to read the next book in the series to find out more about Susannah.

Princess Cover updated_zpst31jlv0aCan a Princess Be a Firefighter? is a story about two daughters asking their dad if they can be something when they are older, but still be a princess. The dad tells his daughters that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up and that they will always be a princess to him.

My daughter loved this book. She has mentioned that she would like to be a firefighter when she grows up, so I knew she would enjoy this book.  It is a short, easy to read picture book that can be read in one sitting. It is ideal for preschool age, but really anyone who has daughters would love this book.

Carole also sent us two bonus books to look over and read. We were sent One to Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day and The Crew Goes Coconuts: A Captain No Beard Story.

One To Ten cover JPEG_zpshojqyd47One to Ten: Squirrel’s Bad Day is about a squirrel who is rushing around trying to gather acorns when she loses them all. She is frustrated, but her friends try to help her by measuring how bad a problem is from one to ten. After hearing about her friend's problems, she realizes that her problem is not so big after all. Her friends plan to help her gather more acorns so she won’t be without.

The Crew Goes Coconuts_zpskgz1fu1kThe Crew Goes Coconuts: A Captain No Beard Story is Volume 6 in the Captain No Beard Series. This series is about the imagination of two cousins who are playing with their stuffed animals. This story begins with the crew being thirsty. They are docked at an island, but there is nothing to drink. They couldn't find any water to drink and their juice on board is all gone. They blame a goat that one of the crew members brings with them and start making fun of the goat.  Captain No Beard hears them and asks what the problem is. They let him know. He comes up with a solution that will make everyone happy.

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