Is There Anything Better Than Candy? ~ Box Tract Review

Is There Anything Better Than Candy Review

I was given the chance to review a Halloween Tract from Let the Little Children Come. Many people are looking for ways to get the gospel out around Halloween time. Our church  has a trunk or treat outreach every year where over 2,000 people come through the line to receive candy. This gives our church an opportunity to hand out literature about the church and about God.

Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box Tract is a pumpkin shaped candy holder that also has the gospel message on each “leaf” to be read as the person opens the box. The boxes come unassembled in a 20 pack for $15.95 (if you order more than 10 packs, you get a discount price).

Halloween Tract

The pumpkins are easy to punch out (pre-perforated) and assemble. The pumpkins are small, but can hold Hershey kisses, bite-size snickers, milky way,etc, starburst, or any other small candy you are able to find.

I haven’t though much about how we are going to use thse yet. Some ideas I have seen and heard about are as follows:

  • Trick or treaters that come to your door (we live in the country and this would not be an option for us)
  • Your child’s scout group (Trail Life, American Heritage Girls, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)
  • A child’s Sunday School class or youth group
  • Assemble the boxes, add candy, and visit a nursing home in your area
  • Assemble the boxes, add candy, and give to a shelter in your area

I may use these for my youngest daughter’s Sunday School class or we may visit a nursing home in the area. Or, I may just gives these to our children’s pastor and he can use them as he sees fit.

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  1. oh... visiting a shelter...wouldn't that be interesting? Fill them with puppy treats and give them to a rescue organization that is rehoming lost dogs.

    1. I actually meant a people shelter (like a place for homeless people), but the animal shelter would also be a good idea.




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