The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Study Guide from Progeny Press ~ Review

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain Progeny Press Review

My older children all have literature books that they will be reading throughout the year. My youngest is in 1st grade this year and she still loves to have stories read to her. I didn’t really have any books picked out for her to listen to and learn about. I was glad to be chosen for The Bears on Hemlock Mountain E-Guide from Progeny Press.

Progeny Press offers many study guides (downloadable and print) for elementary, middle, and high school age. Progeny Press offers study guides for literature from a Christian perspective. They have over 100 E-Guides available (samples of titles in parenthesis) starting with lower elementary (Frog and Toad Together), upper elementary (Charlotte’s Web), middle school (The Giver), and high school (The Hobbit). They also have the same study guides available on CD or a printed workbook.

The Bears on Hemlock Mountain is a  story that was written by Alice Dalgliesh. She wrote this story based on a folk tale that was told to her by a state archivist in Pennsylvania in 1952. There are many variations to the story, but the boy, the iron pot, the mountain, and the bears are all part of the original story and remain unchanged.


The Progeny Press E-Guide about the book The Bears on Hemlock Mountain is geared for the lower elementary range (1st through 3rd grade). The E-Guide gives a brief synopsis about the book, background on the author,and background on the story. There are also several activities to choose from before reading the book. Some of these activities include doing research on animal tacks, listening to bird songs, and tracing a cookie pattern shape to make a border. My daughter said she didn’t know what a bear print looked like, so I found an image of bear tracks and showed it to her. I also had a picture of a bear and the bear print for her to color.

Progeny Press Sample - The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

During the review period, I read a couple of chapters a week (the book only has 10 short chapters). After reading the chapters to her, I would go over the questions with her. We spent a whole week reading and going over the questions. Some of the questions she didn’t understand and I would explain those to her. She also needed help with looking up the words in the dictionary and writing the answers down.

We both loved reading through the book and studying more about the book. *Side note: after we were chosen for the book, I went online to see more about the book and after seeing the old book cover I realized I had read this book as a child. I had forgotten about it, so it was fun to re-read it to my daughter.* At this level (1st grade), my daughter needed a lot of help with the study guide portion. She did enjoy going over the questions and learning more about the book. She also liked doing the activities that were listed before and after.  Overall, this is a great study guide and it helps the child learn more about the book and remember the book.

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