31 Days of Five Minute Friday Free Writes ~ TELL

31 Days of Five Minute Friday Free Writes - TELL

Today is day 2 of the 31 days of free writes over at the Five Minute Friday blog.

Tell ~ My daughter loves to tell stories. She loves to make up stories about different creatures she has imagined. My favorite one is her telling me the story of the Handipus.  The handipus lives in your stomach and eats whatever you eat to be kept alive. It likes living inside of you and is your friend.


Now that she is getting older, she doesn’t tell many stories, but she still has a great imagination. She loves to tell others about her love for God. She loves to tell stories about what Heaven will be like and how she can’t wait to go there. She loves hearing about the different stories in the Bible and telling others about what she has learned.

I pray she never loses the desire to tell others about Heaven and God.

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