Brinkman Adventures Season 4 Review

 Brinkman Adventures Season 4 Review

Imagine you are in a house singing songs to Jesus and being read stories from the Bible when all of a sudden the police enter the home and accuse you of holding a church in your house. But it’s not a church, you are just reading the Bible to your family and some friends. The police don’t care. They won’t listen and you are arrested. Brinkman Adventures has twelve new stories to share from Brinkman Adventures Season 4.

The above story is based on a true story that happened in Russia. In fact, all of the stories found on the Season 4 CD’s are based on true missionary stories. I was able to review the physical product for this audio drama, but they are also available as a download. There are four CD’s that contain over five hours of listening entertainment. Each story is about 30 minutes long.

Travel around the world looking at maps as you listen to the missionaries tell their stories. They are not just a narration of a story, but a re-enactment of the story. We hear the cars in the streets, the roar of the boat engine, people talking in the background. Hear the heartache and joy from the people as you listen to the stories.

The twelve stories included in season 4 are as follows:
  1. A Paradise Lost
  2. Remember Nhu
  3. Aisha’s Fear
  4. Heart Song
  5. The Crashed Kitchen
  6. Crisis in the Congo
  7. The Mysterious Palm Feller
  8. War of the Raccoons
  9. The Five Guys
  10. Toughest Man
  11. Cambodian Quest
  12. What Brings Us Together
These stories can be used in many ways during your homeschool day.
  • Geography ~ print out a map of the world and map the location of the story
  • History ~ since the stories take place in the past, you can discuss how the story might differ from then to now
  • Bible ~ the stories are missionary stories and the Bible tells us we should go into all the world. You could take the time to pray for a missionary or even write to one.
We listened to each story and discussed the story. We talked about where it took place and if they would want to visit the same area. We talked about how they think they would respond to the different scenarios in each story.  We discussed how we thought it felt to be there at that time. We learned so much by listening to these missionary stories and look forward to hearing more. We will continue to pray for the missionaries around the world.

IMG_20171010_175740It is difficult to pick a favorite since they are all well done, but I would have to say that the story about Nhu was one of my favorites. We also liked the one about the crisis in the Congo.

Parents do need to take caution on some of the stories, especially if you have a young or sensitive child. My youngest is six and listened to all of the stories. If she had a question, I would try to answer the best I could about the situation.

You can also find the real stories on the website and read about them ahead of time. Get your copy of Brinkman Adventures Season 4 today!

Brinkman Adventures Season 4

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  1. i like how the stories became talking points for you and your family. good to have that eh?




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