Weave Your Word in Me from Kid Niche Christian Books ~ Review

We were given the opportunity to review a devotional series from Kid Niche Christian Books. Weave Your Word in Me – Part 1 is a 36 lesson devotional for tweens.

Kid Niche Christian Books Review

About the devotional:

Weave Your Word in Me is a Bible study based on The Lord’s Prayer. The devotional is compatible with six different Bible translations which include King James Version, English Standard Version, New King James Version, New International Version, New American Standard Bible, and New American Bible Revised Edition. Your child only needs a Bible, a pencil, the dictionary, and the devotional book each day.  There is an answer key in the back that gives answers for the versions listed.

prayerWeave Your Word in Me is also a prayer guide. It is designed around the nine verses of “My Whole Self Before You” which is a rhythmical prayer modeled after The Lord’s Prayer. Each lesson includes a space to fill in the missing words based on what you have learned.

The website also has enrichment activities that includes different things like coloring pages, videos, and projects.

Weave Your Word in Me – Part 1 is a 72 page, full color, and comes hole punched ready for you to place into your own binder. It is available for $20. Part 2 is also available for $20 and contains 44 lessons.

How we used this devotional:

My daughter just turned 12 last week and is in 7th grade this year. I went over how this devotional works by reading the first few introductory pages with her. I told her she could go through this as fast or as slow as she wanted. I told her she needed to use the devotional at least three times a week, but it would be better to use it everyday if she wants to draw closer to God. She used it five days a week as part of her school lessons.

She would begin by reading through the scripture (we use KJV). She would IMG_20171024_160651then read through the devotional and fill in the blanks and answer the questions.

I would ask her what she was learning and she (who is usually not talkative) would start telling me everything she had learned that day. She is excited to be able to get her own devotional since her older brothers had their own Bible study with their Life Group at church. Yes, she had been reading through her Bible before this devotional, but I had never found anything that I thought was a good fit or her.

What we thought:

Even though the suggested ages are for 4th-6th grades, my daughter enjoyed using this devotional. She liked having the blanks to fill in to answer the questions. She also liked the prayer at the end of each lesson. She has really learned so much more about the Bible and is looking forward to the rest of the lessons. I liked how this devotional is laid out and encourages the child to study God’s Word and learn from it. It is a great book to use as a first devotional to encourage them to remember what they are studying by writing down what they learned about while reading the passages.

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