Angel on Assignment Book Review

Angel on Assignment Book Review

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Angel on Assignment, written by Wanda Roush and beautifully illustrated by Mike Motz, is an elf alternative book.

Angel on Assignment is a Christmas story that tells us how angels delivered the good news of Jesus’ birth. Even though the first Christmas was a long time ago, there are still angels around us and with us today.

The story begins with an angel visiting Mary. Then we see the angel visit Joseph. When Jesus is born the angels give the good news to the shepherds. As the story goes on it tells us how angels help us today. “Angels do much more than just sit on a shelf.” They help keep us out of harm’s way and guard and protect us from dangerous situations. They may even come in the form of a friend at the playground who will help us if we fall. Angels appear whenever there is a need. The story also tells us how we can help others and how we can be an “angel” to those around us.

My six year old enjoyed having this book read to her. She loves going to church and learning about Jesus and she loved this book that told us about the angels that have been around for many years. She also loved the pictures in the book. She loved that there were instructions in the book for making our own angel. I loved that this book was about something that really did happen. We don’t do the elf in our house so this was a great book for us to read. I loved the beautiful illustrations in the book that went perfectly with the story. We would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for ways to show their children there is more to Christmas than just an elf that sits on a shelf. This book helps us to see that angels do more than just that.

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IMG_20171201_083738Here is our simple angel using items from around the house.We used two toilet paper rolls and taped them together for the body. I found an angel wing template to use for the wings. We painted the wings with our gold color from our thin stix set. For the head, we just crumpled some foil into a ball until it was the right size to fit on top of the body. Lastly, we added a golden halo to our angel. We haven’t come up with a name yet for our angel, but we are thinking about some names.

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