J is for Journey

J is for Journey

Here is a little story of how I imagine Mary felt when she had to travel right before she was to deliver Jesus.

Mary was working in the house and she was nine months pregnant. She was about to deliver her baby any day now. She was excited, but she was also nervous. As she was cleaning, her mind kept wandering to the “what ifs?” What if I am not a good mother? What if I am at the market or someplace and I lose track of my child? What if I just can’t do it?

While she was pondering on these things, Joseph came running into the house.

“Mary, we are going on a journey.”

“Now? I am about to have the baby. I can’t go on a journey.”

“We must. It is a decree.”

“But Joseph…”

“Mary, make a list and be sure to pack all of the essentials. Ask your mother what will be needed for the birth and carry that with you. But remember, we don’t have much room to carry a lot, so it will just have to be a small suitcase.”

“Joseph, I don’t know if I can do that. I will talk to my mother and I will try to only pack the essentials.’

Several hours later after talking with her family and packing very light, Mary and Joseph were on their way. Her mother told her not to fret that first-born babies were usually late and she would probably have time to make it back home for the birth.

“Mary, do you need to rest? We’ve been walking for several hours.”

“Yes, I need to rest for just a little time Joseph. I want to make sure we make it to Bethlehem in time for the census so I won’t rest long.”

“We are almost there. You will have good nights rest in just a couple of more hours.”

Mary to herself: “I cannot believe that I am about to deliver and I have traveled for several days all the way to Bethlehem. I miss my family and cannot wait to see them next week. I hope I can make it home for the birth.”

Mary and Joseph made it to Bethlehem, but there was one problem. Mary could not believe what Joseph was telling her. She couldn’t believe that after their almost week-long journey that there was no place where she could rest. And what were those pains she was feeling? Should she tell Joseph that this journey may have hurt her?

“Joseph, I am in pain.”

“What? Where? What is happening?”

“I don’t know, but the pain is getting stronger. I need to lay down someplace.”

“Okay, there is one more place I can check.”

“Mary, he said they were out of rooms, but when I explained you were very pregnant and in pain, he was kind enough to let us rest in his stable.”

“A stable! With the animals!”

Mary, please it is all I can find.”

“Okay, we need to hurry and get in there. I think the baby is coming NOW!”

After several hours had passed Joseph delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  Mary was so proud of him. He was able to complete the task without questions. A few hours later some shepherds showed up at the stable and told Joseph and Mary that they had heard about their journey from the angels.

They said they had told anyone and everyone the good news on their journey to the stable to see the newborn King.

While the stable was a commotion of shepherds and people who had heard the news, Mary kept quiet and knew she was going to be the best mother she could be to this little baby boy.

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  1. some good supposing in there. So hard to know eh? But it makes for some thinking. :) visiting via crew blog

  2. I love this! Thanks for linking up and blogging through the alphabet with us!




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