Kingdom Files ~ Book Review

Kingdom Files Book Review

I love reading books to my seven year old daughter. I try to find books that are fun and can keep her attention. We received two of the Kingdom Files books from Barbour Publishing to review.

Kingdom Files are Bible based biographies designed for children ages 8 – 12. Each book is divided into three parts. The fact file, the action file, and the power file. The fact file is  a  two page spread that gives information and a timeline about the person. The action file is the actual story about the person. The power file is where you can find memory verses and how the scripture applies to your daily life. There are also clue boxes throughout the story that help to understand the story better.

Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? tells the story of Mary. from the time she was visited by an angel until Jesus’ death and ascension into Heaven. It is a simple, easy to read, easy to understand story.

I read this book to my seven year old daughter. We went through the files, read the story, and read through each clue during the story. At the end of the story, we went through each power up and discussed how we can apply it to our lives. We also read through the memory verses.

My daughter already loves and knows her Bible stories. She was excited to listen to the story about Jesus’ mother and learn how Mary loved her Son so much. She recognized that the story was Biblically accurate. She loved reading through the power ups and learning how we can use this story to help us through our lives. She also was able to learn a few of the memory verses.

Who was Jonah? tells the story of Jonah. It is set up the same way with the fact file, action file, and power file. The story tells how Jonah was called by God to visit the city of Nineveh. Jonah didn’t want to visit the city, so he decided to run away. He gets caught up in a storm in the boat he is iin and the men on the boat tried to help Jonah by rowing the boat back to shore, but Jonah told them it wouldn’t work. Once Jonah was in the sea, the storm stopped. Jonah spent some time in the belly of a fish where he learned he needed to trust God. He finally makes his way to Nineveh and tells them what God told him to tell them. The city listened, but Jonah became upset. And it is at the end of the story where Jonah truly learns how God had taken care of him all throughout his journey.

My daughter also enjoyed this story and she learned that  God cares, God loves us, and God is faithful.

We look forward to reading more books in the Kingdom Files series. Be sure to check out the website for games and educator resources.

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Reading Eggs Workbook ~ Review

Having tried several different curriculum for my 7 year old daughter’s reading, she still somewhat struggles with reading. She loves trying new things, which I am very thankful for. She doesn't complain when I introduce a new curriculum to her. She gets excited to try something new. She wants to be able to read quickly and be able to love reading. I was able to try out Reading Eggs new reading workbooks. We reviewed 200 Essential Reading Skills for Second Grade.

Reading Eggs is an online reading curriculum developed for children ages 2-13. It is an interactive website that uses games and songs to help your child learn to read or become a better reader. Reading Eggs has introduced a full line of workbooks for reading and math that go along with the lessons on the website. The workbook can also be used independently.

I had my daughter take the placement test for Reading Eggs since she is seven. It placed her at lesson 71. It didn't look like it went along with the book we had, so we started with just using the workbook on its own. I had her start at the beginning so she wouldn't miss anything. After looking more at the website, I realized I probably should have had her take the placement test at the Reading Eggspress level which is designed for ages 7-13. It looks like the lessons here go along with the workbook.

The workbook is designed to be used five days each week. The first two days included a short passage to read for comprehension. It asks you to circle or underline parts of the story and answer the questions about the story.

The next two days are devoted to spelling. Each week a rule or spelling pattern is introduced. There are short activities to do to learn the spelling words such as matching the word to a picture, unscrambling the words, and copying the words.

The final day the workbook introduces grammar. The second grade workbook introduces nouns, proper nouns, articles, adjectives, action verbs, linking verbs, adverbs, contractions, and much more.

We used the workbook for four days each week. I am using a great spelling program already, so I decided to skip the spelling days in the workbook. We went through the reading and the grammar portions of the workbook each week. My daughter has been looking forward to the book each day. She loves that the reading portions are short. I like that the student marks important parts of the story to help them retain the story better.

She has also been loving the grammar portion of the workbook. She looks forward to getting to the grammar portion each week and learning about the different types of nouns. I hadn't really introduced her to any grammar yet, but she seems to be picking up on it quickly.

We both enjoy using this book. I like that she is picking up on reading comprehension and remembering the stories she reads. She likes that it is fun. She enjoys looking at the colorful images. She enjoys reading the different short stories. And she enjoys learning about grammar (so far). We give this workbook 5 stars and will continue using it throughout this year.

If you purchase a workbook, I have a code that gives you 10% off the price. Use code WK10BEEENYU when checking out. In addition, you can sign up for 4 free weeks of Reading Eggs by clicking on this link.
Online Reading Eggs Suite {Reading Eggs Reviews}


What My Tween Girl Likes To Read

Books My Tween Daughter Likes To ReadMy twelve year old daughter loves to read. She has some favorites that she will read more than once just because she loves them so much. I love that she loves to read since I also love to read. She has read some books that I read when I was her age.

IMG_20180827_084253Mandie Books ~ These books are set in the state (north Carolina) we live in. I read these books when I was her age and had a couple of the books that I gave to her to read through. She got hooked, so I decided to buy the collections (there are five books in each collection) for her and to save them for future readers (my 7 year old  and hopefully granddaughters one day).

There are also a few movies that go with these books and my daughter has enjoyed watching them.

My daughter also loves books by Marguerite Henry. She has read severalbeed0ec1454c14bafdde8130c8a3f508 including Misty  of Chincoteague, Stormy, Misty’s Foal, and Brighty of the Grand Canyon.

She has also watched the Misty movie and enjoyed it. She wanted to know if there were more movies for any of these books and I found out there are some, but they are hard to find (especially on DVD). She loves anything that has to do with horses.

Some other books she ahs read and enjoyed are classics. Anne of Green Gables and Little Women are at the top.  She has also read The Secret Garden and several Little House on the Prairie books. We go to our local library sale whenever they have it (usually two times per year) and she picks out several books that she thinks she would like to read. The majority of the books she picks out are animal related. She loves animals and will read anything that has animals in it.

I just wanted to make a list of a few of her favorites in case you are looking for something for your tween daughter to read.



God Schooling ~ Book Review

God-Schooling-How-God-Intended-Children-to-Learn-by-Julie-PolancoI enjoy reading books and having been homeschooling for thirteen years now, I have realized that I still do not have all the answers. The book, God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn by Julie Polanco, is a great book to encourage you through your homeschool journey.

Julie Polanco is a homeschool mother who is active in the women’s ministry and worship team at her church.

God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn is a short, 158 page book that can be easily read in a few sittings. The chapters include the following:

  1. Biblical Support for Natural Learning
  2. Motivation & Excellence
  3. Thoughts on Teaching Children Under Age Eight
  4. Thoughts on Teaching Children Aged Eight to Twelve
  5. Giving Teens the Wings to Fly
  6. Spreading the Banquet
  7. Getting Started
  8. Some Q & A
  9. Record-Keeping and Structure

I enjoyed reading through this book even though I have been homeschooling many years, I was still able to find some things that were interesting. All of my children are different and have achieved different things at different ages. It was comforting to read that some children have difficulty reading until a later age. My seven year old has been having a difficult time, but seeing that the author’s children all learned to read at different ages was comforting. Another area of the book that I liked was having some study questions at the end of each chapter. It helped to get me thinking on what I could change. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is just starting to homeschool or even someone who has been homeschooling for many years. Everyone can learn something!

If you are interested in reading God Schooling, you can get the ebook for haf price until August 22.

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Upcoming Reviews

We are working through a new workbook for Reading Eggs.

We will also begin to read these new books by Matt Koceich.


Reviews ~ What's Still Working?

Over the past several years, we have reviewed many items. Some of them have only been used during the review period and some we are still using. I was introduced to Apologia science during my first year on the crew and we have stuck with the company. My oldest son is actually going through the Advanced Chemistry book this year. He loves that he learns so much from these science books and I know they are helping him prepare for college as he wants to be a biologist.

Another one we have reviewed in the past and recently reviewed is Home School in the Woods products. My children love the hands-on approach of this product and I am beginning to use it with my youngest.

And one more that we are still enjoying is the Traditional Spelling that we reviewed this past spring. My youngest loved this spelling and we are getting back to it after having taken a break from school. I plan to continue with Traditional Spelling II after we complete the first one.

I just wanted to share a few products that we were introdueced to during my time on the Homeschool Crew and let you know what is still working for us.


Home School in the Woods ~ Review

Home School in the Woods ReviewWhile we have reviewed different items from Home School in the Woods in the past, I wanted to try something designed for my youngest daughter. I have not done much history with her and this was the perfect way to introduce her to some history while learning about a man from history who is interesting. This lap-pak is also geared for children in grades K-2nd grade where as the other products we have reviewed have been for the older kids. We spent the last several weeks learning about Benjamin Franklin from the Hands-on History Lap-Paks collection.

Home School in the Woods is a hands-on history company that offers several different products. The lap-pak collection offers a way to spend time on one topic through the process of making a lap book along with a text booklet. The student is able to focus on one topic and learn more about the person, place, or thing.

The Benjamin Franklin lap-pak has everything you and your child need to make a wonderful lap book and read a story with the text booklet that is included.  Your child learns more about Benjamin Franklin’s life, family, and what he learned while growing up. There are twelve hands-on projects to complete that include the following:

  • The Franklin Family
  • Leather Apron Trades
  • Ben Franklin, the Printer
  • Printer’s Type
  • Ben, the Good Citizen
  • Poor Richard’s Almanack
  • Franklin’s Inventions
  • Benjamin Flies a Kite
  • Documents
  • Vocabulary
  • Pocket of Virtues
  • A Timeline of Ben Franklin’s Life

As with all downloadable products, the lap-pak does take some time to print out and read through the instructions. After I had printed all of the pages, I organized them  in the way I was going to use them with my daughter. I know this product is to be made into a lapbook, but we like to do the pages and place them onto construction paper and put them into a three pronged folder to make a book project. The page shown below is how my daughter wanted to show the printing press page. She said “the label should be on the same page and just flip up so we can see the picture.”

Home School in the Woods Review.

We have done each section like the one above and have used more than one page if things didn’t fit just right. My daughter liked going through and coloring the pages and cutting them out and putting them together on different colors of construction paper. She liked making a book and making it her own way.

The only con I have with using these products is the time it takes to print out and figure out how everything is to go together. I love the hands-on approach and I think my children do learn more when they are doing the projects.  My daughter soaked up the information and learned a lot of great things from Benjamin Franklin’s life. I also learned some things about Benjamin Franklin that I did not know about. I also helped my daughter with some of the coloring and it was fun to have a one on one time with her while we were both learning.

Overall, I highly recommend Home School in the Woods for your hands-on history needs.

Project-Passport-Ancient-RomeBe sure to check out their newest product on Ancient Rome.

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Learning About Science Level 1 ~ Review

Learning About Science Level 1 ReviewI’m not a science person and it takes me a long time to research what science curriculum to use each year. My oldest son loves science and I wish I had had these science supplements from WriteBonnieRose when he was younger. I am using the Learning About Science Collection, Level 1 with my 7 year old daughter. She also loves learning about animals and how things work. The level 1 science collection includes Familiar Plants and How They Grow, Fruits and Vegetables Around the World, Animal Habitats of the World, Our Senses and Systems and How They Work, Learning About Life Cycles, Earth: Layers, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes, and Exploring States of Matter.

This science collection comes as a pdf download and has pictures to color and simple copywork. Each topic is a different length. We worked through the senses topic and it is 19 pages long. It can Senses 1be easily finished in a short time. Each page has a short paragraph to read. There are pictures to color and a word or multiple words for your child to trace. At the end of each topic/book there is a review for your child to see how much they remember about the topic.Some of  the other topics/books are around 30-40 pages. The one my daughter was most interested in is Animal Habitats of the World and the book is 51 pages! We are still working through this one and my daughter is loving it . The topics within this topic are African Savannahs, the Arctic, the Desert, the Australian Bush, Antarctic, the Beach, Caves, Coral Reef, Animals 2Cypress Swamps, Farms, Fresh Water, Prairies, Forests, Bamboo Forest, Rain Forest, Mountains, Pets, and Oceans. There are so many animals to learn about where they live, what they can do, and how big some of them grow. This has been my daughters favorite topic/book so far and she loves learning about all of the different animals of the world.

While looking through the other topics to decide what to use next, I liked how the Life Cycle book is laid out. It tells about different animals and how they grow from a baby to an adult. It talks about how some animals lay eggs and how some animals start off as larva. It also tells about how mammals look when they are born and how they will look when they are older.

You will also receive a discussion guide with the level which tells about different websites to visit to learn more about each topic if you wanted to expand each topic/book.

My daughter has enjoyed going through the topics and learning more about God’s world. She (and I) love that the lessons can be short or long depending on the interest of your child. She loves to color and loves that the pictures are black and white and can be colored the way she wants them. I also like that the topics are kid friendly and focus on creation. I highly recommend these science packets if you are just looking to supplement or if you want to use these as your main science for the year.

Right now, until August 15,  WriteBonnieRose id offering my readers a 50% discount on any of the science levels with the coupon code REVIEWCREW50.

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Week In Review

We had a fun week this week. We started our new school year on Monday and went on a field trip on Friday.

The week started with my 2nd son’s 15th birthday on Sunday. He chose to go to  a Mexican restaurant.


Then, on Monday, they started with their school work.  Yes, I do have 4 children, but the boys don’t like having their picture taken much anymore. Smile



On Friday, we went to Beaufort, NC and visited the Maritime Museum where we learned about Blackbeard. They have some fun hands on activities for the kids.





Math Essentials ~ Review

Math Essentials Review

Having children that are now high school level and learning the higher math, I found that I needed to have some kind of refresher in certain areas, but could never find anything that would help me. I was able to review Math Refresher for Adults from Math  Essentials over the past few weeks.

The book contains math from general math to pre-algebra and algebra. The general math  portion covers whole numbers, percents, decimals, geometry, percents, and problem solving.

The pre-algebra and algebra portion of the book covers positive and negative fractions and decimals, exponents, square roots, order of operations, percents, graphing, and much more.

The website also offers videos even though they don’t necessarily match up with this book, you are able to find the correct category and watch a short video on how to do the math.

I wanted this book since some of my children are needing help with upper level math and I haven’t been able to help them much because I had forgotten how to do a problem. Even though they watch videos to help them with their math, they still needed my help and I had to go to the internet to try to find something to help me so that I could help them.

I haven’t worked through much of the book yet, but what I have gone through has brought back some math knowledge and I feel like this book will help me help my kids this coming school year.


I did skip some of the beginning pages since it was adding, subtracting, and multiplying. I started working on multiplying fractions and the directions were clear and helped me to remember how to do the problems. I then skipped over to review some geometry since that is one of the areas I was not string enough to help my child with last year.

I will have one child in pre-algebra this year and one child in algebra 2 this year and I know that this book will be a big help to me and them as we learn the math together.

Even though the book is titled Math Refresher for Adults, you could use the pages to have your child (of any age) do some problems of the area they need help with the most when they are having trouble learning or retaining math information.

I am actually not a big math person, but have one child (my oldest) who loves math and has been able to help his younger siblings. I am enjoying going through this book and it has been fun re-learning and knowing that I can actually do the problem.  Even though my son loves math and has helped in the past, I know he will be happy if I am the one that can actually help the other children so I don’t have to take hi away from his school work during the day. I think this is a great book for anyone of any age to work through and highly recommend it even for non-math children and adults!

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Wordless Wednesday

I leave work at 9 PM. These are last week's fireworks I saw when leaving work.


Field Trip Planning

We are getting ready to start our new school year in a couple of weeks. I've been trying to plan some places to visit where we haven't been for a while. So far, my list includes the following:
- NC Zoo
- Aquarium
- Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
- Wright Brothers Memorial
Since we live in Eastern NC, all of the above are close to us.
I'm trying to think of some other places to visit thought the school year that would be of interest to my last kids.


Wordless Wednesday

We recently enjoyed a lunch cruise.


Silverdale Press LLC ~ Review

Silverdale-Press-LogoWe were given the opportunity to review some unit studies from Silverdale Press LLC. We received the White House Unit Studies which consists of six different unit studies.

The six holiday unit studies we received are as follows:

  • Labor Day - 3 lessons
  • Veterans Day - 3 lessons
  • Thanksgiving - 5 lessons
  • Christmas - 4 lessons with 6 activities per lesson
  • MLK - 5 lessons
  • Valentine's Day - 5 lesson
Each of the unit studies is designed for children ages 5-18. All of the studies come with plans for elementary and high school, which helps when you have a large range of children you are wanting to do the studies with. Each unit study is designed to be completed in a week. If you are wanting to spend more time on each study it can easily be spread out over a few weeks for each study.

During this review, we focused on tow of the studies ~

White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Labor-DayThe first study we did, over a period of a couple of weeks, was the labor day unit study. This study teaches children about the history of labor day. The unit is fifty three pages long and includes an overview for the teacher and three lessons each for K-6th and 7th-12th.  The k-6th lessons take approximately one hour to complete and the 7th-12th grade lessons take anywhere from ninety minutes to two hours to complete depending on how in depth you do the activities.

The first lesson focuses on Eleanor Roosevelt’s involvement in fighting against child labor and unsafe working conditions.  There is an activity after each lesson and this one shows a picture of families with small children who are all working and asks different questions about the picture. Lesson tow talks about the first labor day and lesson three tells about how the President proclaimed Labor Day a holiday.

I have four children in different grades. I only have one elementary child and three middle and high school age children. The studies are set up where it is easy to use for each level. The 7th-12th grade level does go more in depth and the activities are longer, but it was easy to involve all of my children and discuss the holiday with them.  The older children understood more than the seven year old, but she also learned a lot about why we have Labor Day and what we can learn from it.

White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Veterens-DayThe other study we focused on during the review period was the Veteran’s Day study. This study is forty nine pages long. The lessons include President Wilson and Armistice Day, Wilson’s Fourteen Points, and Dwight Eisenhower and How We Got Veteran's Day.

My seven year old enjoyed this study and is looking forward to being able to do the activities listed this coming Veteran’s Day that include going to a parade, visiting veteran’s in our town, and writing letters to veteran’s. My older kids really did not know very much about Veteran’s Day and they were thankful to be able to learn more about the holiday. We will probably revisit this study in October before Veteran’s Day and do more of the activities listed for this study since we have many nursing homes and a Veteran’s home in our town where we can visit.

White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Thanksgiving White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Christmas
Martin-Luther-Kind-Jr-Unit-Study White-House-Holidays-Unit-Study-Valentines-Day

We plan to use these studies during the school year. One for each month from November to February to learn about these last four holidays.

Overall, we enjoyed going through the studies and learning more about the holidays and about the history involved around the holiday.

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