L is for Literature

L is for Literature

Finding the right literature curriculum to use in our homeschool has been a somewhat difficult task. I’ve looked at several curriculum choices over the past couple of years trying to find the best one for my kids where they would be exposed to some great classics.

Last year, I had my oldest son go through Everyday Education’s Introduction to Literature. Even though he didn’t like the idea of reading Jane Eyre, he did read through some good classic books and learned a lot. He enjoyed many of the books from this program. One of his assignments was to write his own (short story) version of Animal Farm and he did so well with this assignment by using two well known political people in his story. It was actually a good short version of Animal Farm and showed he understood the meaning of Animal Farm.

My younger son read through Abeka’s Of Places book for his literature last year. This book just had excerpt's of many books and he never was able to get the whole story of any book.

So, this school year, I wanted something that both boys could do together. I did a lot of research and decided to give Hewitt Homeschooling Lightning Literature a try.

Hewitt Homeschooling Lightning Literature

I decided on the mid to late 19th-century pack for my boys. It looked like it had some books that my boys would like to read.  After having gone through our first semester with this program, I will say that they have enjoyed going through the different books and learning about the different authors and books. They are learning to write different styles of reports and have done great with the assignments. I plan to use one of the British Literature packs from Hewitt during our next school year.

My oldest daughter started 7th grade this past fall and I wanted to use something different than what I had used for my boys when they were in 7th grade. I looked at different curriculum and decided on three books for her to read this year. She started with Anne of Green Gables from Memoria Press.

progeny press

For her other two books to read, I decided to use Progeny Press. She is almost done reading Shiloh and will start with Little House in the Big Woods in a couple of weeks. Even though Little House is designed for upper elementary, I think she will enjoy reading the book and doing the study. I am not 100% sure what she will use for 8th grade next year so I may let her choose what books she would like to read and work from there.

With my youngest, I have just been reading grade level chapter books and she has enjoyed them so far. There were a couple that we reviewed (Imagine...The Great Flood and The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls) last year and she is looking forward to hearing more from those series. We also did a review from Progeny Press for her grade level and she enjoyed that one also. As she gets older I will have read books like Charlotte's Web, Little House on the Prairie, etc.

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  1. These all sound like very interesting curriculum. I love the 'classics' and hope my little ones will enjoy them as well.

  2. good plan you've pulled together... charlotte's web.. still remember reading that with the lad. :)

  3. A great way to handle literature. So many good things out there that I could enjoy doing nothing but reading all the time with my girls. - Lori

  4. I love Progeny Press. They have been great for us in the past. Thanks for reminding me about them!

  5. These are some great books! We love Lightning Literature and Progeny Press! I haven't tried Everyday Education but your description has me really interested now! Thank you for sharing!




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