O is for Outside

O is for Outside

We are blessed to live in a state where we are able to get outside and do some outdoor activities throughout the year. Eastern North Carolina is a place where (most of the time) all four seasons are observed. There are some years where we have a mild winter and just jump right into the 90’s in March or April and summer lasts all the way to October or November some years, but overall, we see all four seasons.

We make a point to get outside every week, especially if the weather is nice. My boys have a basketball goal and they like to play soccer. My girls ride their bikes and do other things outside.
We also like to go to state parks and do some hiking throughout the year. We are blessed to live in an area that has several hiking trails within an hours drive. My youngest still like to go to the playground, so we go when we can and let her run off her energy.

21105920_10154565621250683_1006513811668874700_nWe also tent camped last summer in Florida. Phew…that was an experience and I don’t know if I would do it again. Hot and sticky. Rain and thunder. But we made it through and had a great experience.

We also go the beach several times during the year since we live 45 miles from the closest beach.

So, put all your electronics away and get outside and enjoy each other’s company and have fun!

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  1. We've fought to get our outdoor time. When they get to high school it can be really challenging. Boy Scouts helped for us. Now he's even too old for that, and outdoor time is a short walk to the car on the way to a class. He has outdoor memories, for sure.

  2. We can't always get outside living in New England but I would say that we rarely go more than a week without getting out a bit. The fresh air and sunshine are so needed when the winter doldrums come around.

  3. getting outside lifts the spirits indeed!




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