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I usually make a post about this time of year for what curriculum we will be using for the next school year. I usually break it down by student, but this year, I’ll break it down by subject.

Math ~

IMG_20180328_160309I have two children that learn better with Teaching Textbooks. My other two have no problems with using Abeka math. As my youngest gets into more advanced math, I will re-evaluate what math to use with her, but for now, will stick with Abeka. My oldest uses Abeka because he loves math and has been using it since kindergarten and he hasn’t had any trouble with it, so I’ve kept him with Abeka. My next two were needing more instructions and visualization than what I could give them. They are both doing well with Teaching Textbooks.

History ~

We have always used Abeka as our main history curriculum. I haveIMG_20180329_081459 reviewed a couple of others in the past, but my kids like reading through the Abeka history books. The books have so much information. I love that my kids like history and want to learn more about our country’s history and our world's history.

Science ~

IMG_20180329_143111We use a mix of science in our homeschool. We use Apologia, Abeka, and have also used Chemistry 101 from the 101 DVD series. Next year, I will have a 2nd, 8th, 10, and 11th grader. My 2nd grader will use Apologia. My 8th grader will use Abeka science. My 10th grader will use Chemistry 101. And my 11th grader will be taking Advanced Chemistry from Apologia.

Grammar ~

Over the past couple of years, we have switched from Abeka to Easy Grammar.  Abeka was becoming too much for my kids with them having to do several pages a day sometimes. They have all done great with Easy Grammar and they all love it. My 2nd grader will stick with Abeka’s phonicsIMG_20180329_144047 and language.

Literature ~

My high school sons did use Abeka literature for middle school, but then I decided to switch to something else where they could read full books instead of just excerpts of books. This year I used Lightning Literature for my ninth and tenth grade sons and they enjoyed it, so I decided to stick with it for the coming year. This year they read American author’s works and next year they will be reading British author’s works. My 8th grade daughter will probably use some literature guides from Progeny Press like she did this past school year.

Keyboarding/Typing ~

My tenth grade son started out using Typing Tutor this year until we were picked for the UltraKey Online review. He liked UltraKey much better and has done so well with it. My soon to be tenth grader will use UltraKey next school year.

Spanish ~

I found out we can use Mango for foreign language through the local library. We reviewed them in the past and liked them, so we are going to use it again this upcoming school year.

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  1. That is a great idea to look to the local library for language curriculum. My oldest is starting high school and I was wondering what to do for those credits.




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