Zirrly Super Beads Review

Zirrly Super Beads Review

My children always love to create things. They will gather items from29343203_10155032840500683_8945317443249635328_n around the house and make something out of it. They also love animals. They will draw and color animals and they also have many stuffed animals that they love. They have been wanting to create things with some type of bead craft for a while now. I have always said no in the past, because it seemed like it would be a lot of work for me and having to deal with a hot iron wasn’t something I wanted to do. I have never let my kids play with beads or any type of small item that requires some adult help. I was happy to hear that we would be able to try out the Jungle Animals Super Beads from Zirrly.

One of my girls favorite animals is the zebra. They also love  elephants and lions. When I saw that Zirrly had a Jungle Animals 29342416_10155032845710683_292397550990786560_nSuper Beads set, I knew that they would love it. And I was right. When the package arrived, my six year old exclaimed, “This is going to be awesome!”

What are super beads? They are soft, pliable beads that have the same concept as the hard perler beads that you have to iron for them to fuse. Super beads take only water for them to fuse. Since super beads use water to fuse, there is no hot iron to deal with and minimum adult help is needed.

Super beads fit snugly onto the board and don’t move around while you are29340469_10155032837860683_121435995521417216_n working. The template for the animal goes underneath the board so you can see where to put the colors.  Super beads are also simple to put into place as you are working. The directions are easy to follow and after completing your picture and spraying with water, you will have a soft, pliable animal in a short time. The directions say it takes around 60 minutes for it to dry. We checked around the 60 minute mark and they were not ready, so we went ahead and left them overnight and checked the next day.

Our kit came with a clear plastic divided tray. We were able to pour out each color we were using which made it easier to do the project. The directions tell you that there is a line on the bead and that line needs to be at the top when doing the project. At first, we didn’t notice the line and we got carried away with wanting to try them out that we didn’t read the instructions carefully. I think it really does make a difference in which way the beads are placed. It did take a little bit more time to make sure they were placed correctly, but it was worth the extra time. My six year old daughter madeZirrly the owl and I made the monkey. My daughter put the beads on randomly and I made sure the beads were placed on the tray properly. As you can see from the picture, the owl broke apart when taking it off, but the monkey stayed together. I used the same amount of water on each and they dried for the same amount of time (about 24 hours). I don't think placing the beads the wrong way caused the owl to break and I sprayed them with the same amount of water, so I really don't know why it broke. But, I personally would take the time to make sure the beads are placed with the line up as recommended in the instructions.

Other than not reading directions at first, we didn’t run into any major problems that would prevent us from using super beads again. We all enjoyed putting the animals together and had fun while doing them.

Also, the directions aren’t very clear on how much water to use, so it is trial and error with that. We may have under or over sprayed some of them, but I think I was able to gauge about how much to 29365392_10155032844395683_5635420172400459776_nuse after we got the hang of it. The colors from the beads also rub off onto the skin, but it washes off very easily with soap and water.

Overall, we were all pleased with how easy it is to place the beads, spray, and wait. We all loved the animals that came in the Jungle Animals set, but my kids said they would love to make their own creations next time. They enjoyed making the animals and played with them after they were done. We highly recommend Zirrly Super Beads, especially if you are looking for something fun and new to do with your kids. We will definitely be using Super Beads again in the future and we give them 5 stars!

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  1. You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!




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