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We were recently given the chance to review three media enhanced children’s books (A Lion's World, There Once Was A Cowpoke Who Swallowed An Ant, and Glaciers) from Weigl Publishers. They offer several books that have codes to unlock media content for the book.

Each book has a special code that you put in on a certain website and then you are able to view the media for each book. Each book has different media like videos to watch, activity pages you can download and print, or have the book read to you.

There-Once-Was-a-Cowpoke-Who-Swallowed-an-Ant There Once Was  A Cowpoke Who Swallowed An Ant is a story that is designed for children in grades K-2. It is about a cowboy that swallows an ant but soon figures out that it was not the best thing to do. He then swallows other animals and even himself to get the ant.

The media on this book is just the story being read to you. There is a narrator’s voice and the cowpoke’s voice. There are also different sound effects as the story is being read to you. The words are highlighted as the story is being read. You can see what it looks like on the computer in the picture below.


A-Lions-WorldA Lion’s World is also designed for children in grades K-2.  This is a simple one sentence on each page with a picture that a child could read alone. When you log onto the EyeDiscover website with your special code, you will see a video of the lion’s in the background while the story is being read by a narrator. You will also be able to hear the lion roar in some of the videos.  There are some things included in the book that are not on the website. The book includes some lion facts and keywords. The media on the website just shows video of lions and reads the book.


Glaciers-Earths-WaterGlaciers is a book that is designed for children in grades 3-6. The book tells about the size of glaciers, where glaciers can be found, and different aspects of glaciers. The media found on the website includes videos, interactive maps, web links, slideshows, activities that can be downloaded as a pdf, and much more.

Side note: Because this is not a Christian science book, the book does talk about millions of years ago. I don’t keep my children from reading books that talk about this because I tell them from an early age that we don’t believe in that, but they can still the read the book, but remember what we believe.

This book and website has a lot of great information and I would definitely use it to teach my children more about glaciers.


My youngest daughter looked at and read through A lion’s World and There Once Was  A Cowpoke Who Swallowed An Ant. I had her go through the books on the website and she enjoyed having the books read to her and seeing the videos of the lions. She thought the cowpoke book was the funniest and had a good laugh as the story was being read to her.

I looked through the glacier book and website myself and liked that there was so much information that can be used for future studies with my youngest. I did show this to my oldest daughter who will be starting 8th grade in the fall. She said she would enjoy parts of the book and website if her studies included glaciers.

Overall, we enjoyed the media enhanced books and will take a look to see if there may be other books that we would enjoy.

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