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Review of Eclectic Foundations

I started kindergarten this year with my then 5 year old daughter in August. She has been having a little bit of trouble with her reading. When I saw I was going to be able to review a program for her age, I figured it would help her to have more phonics than what we were using. Over the past several weeks, I have been using Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A with my just turned 6 year old daughter.

Eclectic Foundations is a Biblical, easy to teach, all in one curriculum. A teacher’s guide and student guide are included that teaches 144 lessons over a period of 36 weeks. The curriculum is designed to be used four days a week. Eclectic Foundations is available as a download or as printed material. We reviewed the printed material that included the teacher’s guide, student workbook, word cards,  laminated appendixes. It is a hands on approach to learning using the McGuffey Reader. The lessons include phonics, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, handwriting, composition, and poetry in each days work. You will need to download a free copy of the McGuffey Reader from the link provided on the website.

Sample Eclectic Foundation

Level A starts at the beginning. Each letter is introduced on the first day and is then taught on the rest of the days in a one week period. The first week my daughter learned about the letter m. I read some words that are provided in the teacher’s guide to her and she had to point to the happy or sad face (found in the appendixes) depending on if the word started with the letter m (happy face) or did not start with the letter m (sad face). The next day, she had to circle all of the m’s in a passage (in the student workbook) and also do other things listed. The third day was spent writing the letter and listening to words with m at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. The last day is spent with matching, writing, and playing a game. Each day there is also poetry that is to be read to your child. And as you go from week to week adding on letters to learn, each previous letter is to be reviewed each day also. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson.

Student Sample Eclectic Foundations

While we have been working consistently over the past several weeks, we have not yet made it to the lesson that introduces the reader. The McGuffey Reader is introduced in lesson 65 in Level A. This lesson is also the first lesson that introduces the flashcards. Your child is to color each word a different color. The colors represent the different parts of speech. It also says that Level A focuses more on the function of the word than the name of the part of speech. An example would be from lesson 71. You are to show your child that all the red cards are naming cards (which means they name something or someone). You can also tell your child that these words are called nouns, but you don’t have to. And when you are finished with the level, you can make sentences using the cards. They will also be used in the following levels.

What did we think about Eclectic Foundations Level A? My daughter and I both loved it. She loved matching the letters and she also loved the letter mazes. She loved listening to the poetry each day. I think she loved everything about it. I loved that it is easy to use for the parent and that each day is set up for me. I love that each lesson builds on the previous lesson and there is always review. I know this has helped my daughter with her reading and I am looking forward to when we add in the reader to the lessons. It truly is a fun, Biblical, easy to use curriculum.

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