Let’s Go Geography ~ Review

Let's Go Geography Review

Wanting my youngest daughter to learn more about the world we live on, but not having a good geography program to introduce her to the places around the world, had me grateful that we were chosen to review Let’s Go Geography. Let’s Go Geography is a fun homeschool geography course that is also a hands on based geography curriculum for K-4th grade children.

What is Let’s Go Geography?

This program takes you and your child through all of the seven continents during the year. Year 1 is available at this time and you will learn about several countries such as Canada, Nicaragua, Chile, Ecuador, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Hungary, and many more (see image below). Each lesson takes one week to complete  with the lessons being spread out over 36 weeks. 

Lets Go Geography Countries_zpsty8qcuk1

Before starting the program it is recommended to create a travel journal (3 ring notebook) to keep all the pages together. You will receive a travel journal cover to print out when you purchase the curriculum. You will also need dividers for each continent.

During the week of learning, you will print out several pages for your child to work on. These pages include maps of the country, a flag of the country, and a coloring page of a landmark in the country. Your child will also listen to the national anthem and watch videos on the country. If you want to explore the country more, you can go to the library and check out some books on the country. There is also a craft to go along with the country. And, if you want your child to write what they have learned about the country, there are notebooking pages included.

Every 12 weeks is a review week to review what your child has been learning over the weeks. They will label and color the countries, match the flags to the country, read some facts, and color some coloring pages.


How we used Let’s Go Geography:

We went through this program as scheduled, but if you would rather skip around it is okay to do that to. During the review period we learned about the Northeast US, Hawaii, Canada, Haiti, and Nicaragua. I printed the pages that were needed each week and my daughter colored the countries, flags, and coloring pages. We used the computer to watch videos about the countries and to look at the pictures from each place. We also did the crafts each week.  While it is recommended to spend an hour each week doing the lesson, we broke this up into about 20 minutes each day to work on the lesson each week. We would color the map and flag and learn about the country (where it is located, the size, the population) on the first day. The next day, we would watch some videos on the country. The rest of the week  we looked at the pictures of the country, worked on the craft, and colored the landmark coloring pages.

Canada Craft

What we thought about Let’s Go Geography:

My daughter has been enjoying learning about the different countries of the world. At her age, it is easy to go through the program slowly and it keeps her attention during the time. She has already learned so much in the short period of time that we have been working on the program. We will continue to go through learning a country a week until we finish out the Year 1 program.  We will likely keep using this program as Years 2 and 3 become available. I love how easy it is to use and that everything is laid out for the teacher. I also love that links to videos and pictures of the country are included for easy navigation. This is a well laid out geography curriculum and is easy to use.

Northeast USA craft and color page

This program is available for purchase as a whole year, a semester, or there are individual lessons available for purchase. There are some sample freebies that are available for download. Click below to see how other crew members used this in their homeschool and what they thought about it.

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